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  1. I have acquired a couple of these bundled in with adhesive dash mounts (for the button), both of different makes to the Garmin one. One arrived broken, and the other isn't as good as the Garmin for remaining clipped to whatever you clip it on. It kind of slides off after a while. There may well be better alternative makes out there, but to be on the safe side if I were in need of a replacement belt clip, I'd pay the extra and go with Garmin.

  2. Has everyone here the same opinion, or is it (for me a Vista HCX) still usable without backlight. How much does the backlight consume? I think this would stop me from using a screen protector.

    The issue of whether the backlight needs to be used seems to be a very subjective one. I don't find the protector to be a problem at all with visibility of the unit in daylight.


    But the decision between a scratched screen and higher battery usage is an easy one. You spend a minute changing batteries over, but a unit's lifetime regretting getting it scratched.

  3. As already stated, use PLENTY of solution on the screen of the unit and on the sticky side of the shield. You can then slide the shield into the correct position. When it is in position, hold part of it down against the unit whilst GENTLY squeeging bubbles out (if you don't hold it down, you'll drag it out of position!). And then LEAVE it overnight. Have faith, remaining small bubbles will disappear over the next couple of days. The excess spray solution can be gently mopped up from the unit. It won't do any damage to it whatsoever, but don't open up the battery compartment until it is fully dried out.

  4. I have a 60CSx, and from where I am in Kent, England the unit can receive signal from (as I recall) EGNOS satellite No.s 33, 37 and 39, though not all at the same time. This is confirmed by getting 'D's in the bottom of the satellite reception bars. It would be inconceivable that the new improved 'H' models wouldn't be able to receive these signals as well.


    Where I am, I seem to only get the EGNOS satellites when I have a low horizon view, so not that often when in a built-up town environment. But I would add that the improvement in accuracy is not that noticeable compared to simply getting lots of nice strong bars on the 'normal' satellites.



    [There is a bug in the software of the new 'H' series units that switches off WAAS/EGNOS reception by mistake. This may have something to do with the problem you describe in not picking up EGNOS satellite signals. I'm not sure if you can override the problem by switching reception back on when the unit is powered up.]

  5. I tried the Garmin neoprene case with clear front, but the window is sized for the old b/w etrex units so obscures some of the screen on the new colour etrex units. Likewise the top edge of the case snags the joystick and two of the side buttons because the colour units are shorter and wider than the b/w units. I now use an Invisible Shield only, but have Garmin's soft case for storing the GPSr when not out in the field.

  6. I think FAT32 has more parallel channels allowing much faster read/write speeds than older formats of memory card. FAT32 may correspond to the 'SDHC' cards (ie not the plain 'SD' nomenclature). The speed issue isn't really of concern for GPSr use, it's more pertinent to digital cameras and camcorders that need to transfer a lot of data really fast. I may be totally wrong, but that's what I understand from what I've read.

  7. What are you planning to do about it?


    I've changed my mind! I think this problem is also to do with the processor speed of the GPSr. I think the 60/76/etrex units run pretty slow when compared to some of the dedicated in-car units. For instance the screen scrolling (when driving) is very smooth on my Tomtom 710 (running at 400MHz) compared to my 60CSx (processor speed unknown), which jumps along the road in small steps. Route re-calcs take 3-4 sec on the Tomtom but much longer (I haven't timed it) on the 60CSx.


    Hence, with a slower processor, the unit will take longer to realise that I have made a detour. It will also take longer to calculate the new route.


    Lock on roads is an interesting issue that has had some passionate views expressed about it (for and against) in past posts. On the Tomtom, it always runs 'locked on'. However it can be fooled (even when driving down a motorway with full satellite reception) into momentarily thinking it is on a minor road next to the highway. Suddenly I get a 'turn left in 200 yards' message whilst piling along at 70mph. Not very helpful at all.


    Using my 60CSx with 'lock' off, at least I know where the GPSr thinks it is, even if it has wandered off the road because of a poor positional fix. Then I know to proceed with caution until accuracy improves.


    So to answer your question, I don't plan to do anything about the issue, other than accept that it happens, and be aware of the limitations of the unit/software. It's such a brilliant device in so many respects that I am very happy to live with it.

  8. I run the same unit as you with TOPO GB V2, though it is nearly a year old now.


    I experienced similar shut-off problems as you have described when I first had the unit. It turned out that it was always shutting off at the same place geographically, and that was at a join between two map tiles. I had firmware 2.9 (I think) and when I re-loaded it with web updater to version 3.1 it cured the problem.


    Since then, firmware has been updated by Garmin a couple of times to version 3.3 (I think) but I have read about problems people have had with the updates. So I haven't updated from 3.1, and my unit continues to work fine.


    It must be worth a go at trying a retrograde update to, say, version 3.1 to see if it makes a difference. Not sure where you'll find that version of the software, but somebody posted a link to it recently so I know it is out there somewhere!

  9. As far as I'm aware, the units are identical except for the card and USB (and the colour of course). If you purchase a micro SD card and have a spare mini-B USB cable (eg from your digital camera) then you will be able to download maps to the unit from your PC (only after buying the Mapsource software, though!).

  10. If you're happy with the reception you get from a Legend C, then Miragee is absolutely right, you'll get most bang per buck with the Venture Cx. But to me it appears that Garmin are recognising there is a reception issue with the etrex colour series, by releasing the 'H' series.


    Maybe you could pick up a second-hand Legend C off eBay for your immediate needs, so that you could take a bit more time to assess the new 'H' units when they come out? You could just sell the Legend C again when it comes to make your new purchase.

  11. You'll quickly realise the shortcomings of the GPS chip on the Cx series, with its poorer sensivity under challenging reception conditions. You'll be kicking yourself for ages for not waiting and getting the HC series. The Venture HC will not be available with expandable memory, whereas the Vista HCx will.

  12. I was out on a hike recently and had forgotten spare batteries. When I got the BATTERY LOW warning beep I switched to battery saver mode (60CSx) and managed to get another 20min or so of track logged before the unit faded out. This was very impressive as I normally get very little time after the low battery warning.

  13. At the time (it was August last year) I made several attempts to get through to Garmin UK on the phone. I never managed to speak to anyone because the phone menu system kept putting me into a closed loop from which there was no escape but to hang up! In the end, I decided that if I wanted maps on my new unit before my holiday, I'd have to use my second unlock code.

  14. Can I transfer a MapSource registration from one unit to another? For example, if I upgrade from an eTrex to a 60 Csx, can I remove the MapSource registration from the eTrex before I sell it, and reinstall it on the 60 Csx?

    A very pertinent question indeed, as many of us are likely to have been in this position or may be in the future. Unfortunately the responses so far are not addressing this question.


    I bought a Vista Cx, loaded my maps onto it (hence using up one unlock code). I was not happy with the unit and sent it back to the dealer for an upgrade to the 60CSx. I emailed Garmin (UK) to ask for another unlock code to replace the one I had 'used up' on the Vista but got no reply. I had to use my second unlock code to get maps onto my 60CSx. And, of course, I only have one unit!


    So, I can't answer your question as Garmin never answered it for me. I guess it might come down to whichever person you get through to at Garmin, and how generous they are feeling. They might want proof that you no longer own the unit, and that might be difficult to give them.

  15. I agree with R_S that I have never noticed any improvement in accuracy when 'D's are showing. Kind of makes me wonder what all the hype about WAAS/EGNOS reception is for!


    By the way, I was driving south on the M6 at junction 36 Friday morning 4 May when all satellites seemed to disappear for 15 minutes! I was running Tom Tom and a RoadPilot (each with its own GPS receiver)simultaneously, and they both showed no sats for that time. Weird.

  16. EGNOS is definitely working; I have received satellites 33 and 37 and I get 'D's when either are being detected. I only seem to get them when I have a good view of quite a low horizon. In other words not when in a built up area. I'm still on software version 3.1, and by the way I'm in southern England

  17. When you load the maps to the GPSr, you need to make sure the check box "include route calculation data" (or words to similar effect) is ticked. Do you recall if you did this? If not, try re-sending the maps to the unit with this ticked. That should cure the problem.

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