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  1. Don't forget your morse code transmitter and aircraft signaling mirror. Have fun -
  2. I know I'm getting a Garmin V,(it's already been shipped to the house) but my boyfriend won't let me have it until Christmas. Maybe I can use my woman powers on him to pursuade him to let me have it early.... Lisa
  3. Thanks everyone. I went out tonight and picked up the SL10. (It even came with a free game of Scrabble) Lisa
  4. I have decided to get a basic PDA and due to the fact I have some Sony Memory sticks for my digital camera, I think I'm going to get a Sony Clie. I'm having trouble picking between the S360 and the SL10. From what I can tell, the S360 has 16m RAM, 160x160 resolution and goes for around $150. The SL10 has 8m RAM 320x320 resolution and sells for $105 (Amazon has a $25 rebate). I will use the Clie for name and address storage mostly, will probably end up loading caches into it but don't see my self using it on a daily basis as an appointment book or anything like that. Does anyone out there have one of these units and can make a recommendation between the two? Or can recommend another low end Clie Thanks- Lisa [This message was edited by LisaAS36 on November 06, 2002 at 08:15 AM.]
  5. Duh! Thanks for the help - Lisa
  6. What do the rating stars mean? How are they determined? Haven't been able to find any info on them (OK, haven't looked too hard either) Thanks- Lisa
  7. Having never used a GPS but planning on getting one soon, I have a question on how they get you to where you want to go. Do you enter coordinates and the GPS tells you which way to go (via an screen arrow or similar) and how far you are away, or does it simply show you where you are and by moving and seeing how the coordinates change, you mentally determine which way you need to go? Thanks, Lisa
  8. My question is concerning the antenna. Does the antenna have to be extended during use? If so, does it ever become a problem when using the unit. I guess what I'm asking does the antenna sticking out from the unit ever become a hindrance compared to the internal antenna units? Thanks- Lisa
  9. LisaAS36

    $*&@ Rebate

    I have narrowed down my GPS choices to a Garmin Vista or a 76S. I like the bigger screen and external antenna option of the 76S but the $50 rebate that comes with the Vista might be to much to pass up. Without the rebate I would probaly go for the 76S but with the rebate the Vista is about $135 cheaper. I'm finding it hard to justify the difference, especially since it will be my first GPS and most people seem to like the Vista just fine. No questions - just wanted to vent. Lisa
  10. LisaAS36

    User Pics

    How do you add the pic or image that people have associated with their forum name (to the left of the message)? Does geocaching.com store the file or do you have to have another place to store the image? I sorta tried to search for the topic, but I don't even know what those images are called? Thanks- Lisa
  11. What is the avg. number of items people start with when placing a cache? - I know it can be dependent on the container, but if that isn't the issue what would be a good number to start out with? Thanks- Lisa
  12. I've been lurking off & on for most of the year and have decided it's time to get myself a GPS unit. I do want a mapping unit and plan on at least trying geocaching, will also use the unit for our scout troop - training and general use. From what I can tell it looks like the Vista will suit my needs and budget (~$300-350). Is there another unit I'm overlooking that I should consider? For no real reason, I've only been looking at the Garmin brands - probably just so I don't get overwhelmed. Amazon has the unit for $330-$50r. Are there better/cheaper safe places to purchase from? Thanks - Lisa
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