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  1. A few years ago I bought a Garmin V Deluxe package which came with a copy of City Select. Just recently I bought a new computer and couldn't find my copy of City Select, so I bought an original disk off of eBay. It came with a "Reg Code" and Unlock code hand written on the cd case. I installed the software on my new computer and thought I entered all the codes when prompted, but when I tried to save a map today, it told me the areas hadn't been unlocked. Am I missing something or am I running into trouble using a used software package.? Thanks, Lisa
  2. Thanks, I think that's what I need. Too bad their a little pricey though. I need it before I could order it so it looks like a trip to Best Buy. I really dispise Best Buy. Thanks for the help. Lisa
  3. I just replaced my worn out desk top PC with a slighty used Dell (ie - not too old of one). Anyway, tonight I realized there isn't a place to plug in my Garmin V data cord into the laptop. The laptop has a female plug (with 3 rows of holes) and my data cord also has a female plug (with 2 rows). Please tell me there is some tpye of simple converting connector I can go to Radio Shack and buy. If not, what do I need to do? Thanks, Lisa
  4. quote: any state that has a V in its name I'm boycotting I guess that means no trip to Vegas for you.
  5. quote: At Intel, we are required to have lanyards with a velcro or snap type connection so it will separate if you get caught on something. Did they also take away your pointy scissors?
  6. quote: I definitely don't agree with the "if I didn't do it, someone else would have" aspect of it. This same reasoning could just as easily be applied to stealing an unlocked bicycle. Or taking advantage of the drunken girl at the party. You get the idea. Well, not exactly. Stealing and sexual assault are against the law and affect the person that you’re stealing or assaulting. Messing around with a website URL isn't.
  7. That would be my guess as to what to do with it. I had a friend that went on vacation in Belize and when they got back someone had taken some pictures of their male private parts. She figures someone on the hotel staff came in and used her camera while she left it in the room. When she took the film to get developed they had her film on hold and the manager questioned her and gave her the "this is illegal" type speech. She still didin't have a clue until he showed her the pictures and she explained what must have happened. Point of story - You never know what you'll be developing when you leave your camera in the hands of others. Lisa
  8. Fair enough. I appreciate everyone's feedback (well most everyone's). Especially Tinsparrow, who hid the cache. I wasn't trying to single you out, I just happened to run across your cache and was wondering what the rules were concerning encrypting caches.
  9. quote: Lots of caches require solving puzzles of some kind. Personally I like them. Actually, it's similar to this cache of mine, which has been quite well received. I don't have anything against puzzle caches. I just think it would be nice to have a little introduction about the cache before deciding if you want to solve the puzzle. IRT SimonG's - yes it's a puzzle type but atleast there is enough info on the cache site to know what you're getting into. Everyone is right -If you don't like it, don't do it (and as Stunod stated: I wasn't complaining) but my point is I think there should be sometype of general description that cachers can review before deciding on futher investigation.
  10. Do you think this cache should have been approved? It's a members only cache so everyone might not be able to see it. If you can't, then the entire description is encrypted. Even the hint is encrypted so that if you decrypt it, you still have to manually decrypt it. Someone put alot of work doing all of the coding, put I hope others don't start encrypting their descriptions. Just too time consuming for me. Just my opinion. Lisa
  11. I'm confused if it is OK or standard practice to log a BM that someone else has already logged. I noticed that there is a BM at the school I go to and thought it would be a good one to start with, however someone found it about 6 months ago (as with most in this area)Are BMs a one time find? TIA, Lisa
  12. Tried a search but didn't see anything for the past several days. Just wondering if I had missed an announcement since the end of Feb has passed. Lisa
  13. LisaAS36

    GPS V

    You might want to list what the extra stuff is. Your price is $40 more than I paid for my new V Deluxe package that included software, carrying case, auto mount, auto power cord. Lisa
  14. Would it be ok to use an adapter and power my Garmin V and my radar detector out of a single cigarette lighter type of power supply in my Honda Civic? In other words - would there be enough power to supply these two devices at once without damaging them. Thanks, Lisa
  15. My Garmin V has stopped displaying street names when I'm using the unit in the car. It will still do it if I have a waypoint destination but if I'm just out riding around it only shows (NSEW). It showed the St. names when I first starting using it, but now I must have turned some option off or did something to disable it. So far I've been unable to find the solution in the OM but thought someone here might know a quick fix. Thanks, Lisa
  16. How fragile would they be? Most pottery-ceramics I've seen is pretty breakable. Just curious. Lisa
  17. Thank you everyone that has taken the time to help me out. I don't think it's going to be too bad. Only a few more days to wait. Lisa
  18. OK, I know Santa is bringing me a GPS (Garmin V) to put under the tree. My question is how long should I expect to need to learn enough of the features to begin Geocaching? I can usually do pretty well with gadgets and such, but I've never used a GPS before. Thanks- Lisa
  19. I say it's the same person and it's not Jeremy's girlfriend - look at the eyebrows. Lisa
  20. I noticed a couple of Virtual caches that seem interesting. One for example wants cordinates for drive in movie theaters - however you can't list one someone else has already listed. My question is - how do I know if the one I'm wanting to list has already been listed? There are over 350 finds on this one - Is there a better way than reading every response to see if the one I want to do is already found? Thanks- Lisa
  21. I was looking at the Garmin.Com site for info on GPS units and saw a link to geocaching.com. I ran across this site over a year ago but didn't pursue it, since then I've been lurking on this website for 6 months or so and put off getting a GPS so my boyfriend could get me one for Christmas. I've been wanting to get going since October but he's making me wait until Christmas to get it (Garmin V ) Lisa
  22. Do most people use a log book in their cache or do they just have the finder log their comments here at this website? Happy Thanksgiving- Lisa
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