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  1. Thanks! That's what I wanted to hear. Jamie
  2. I'll be going to Germany in about a month. I've just purchased a Legend HCx to use while I'm there, and I'm looking at getting map software for Europe, as I plan to do a bit of traveling around. I'm a bit confused though. Does City Navigator Europe (2008, I think) NT allow my HCx to autoroute? The Garmin website is a little ambiguous about this. I thought for sure it did, it's City Navigator after all, and Garmin offers other GPS units with European autorouting... but the specs for City Navigator doesn't specify. Can someone confirm this one way or the other? Jamie
  3. Used, but like new condition. Paypal $5. Jamie
  4. It appears my price offer was too low. I watched some eBay auctions and even used these things are selling for around $170-$180 and even $200 with shipping. I found a reputable online retailer selling them for $187, free shipping. It's on the way. MicroSD from Amazon and an invisible sheild and I'm set. Jamie
  5. I think I figured out my issue. Google Maps has a limit to how many via points can be in a route, but you can drag and drop the route as much as you want. When I make my long route and drag it around, there are too many via points, so Google Maps won't put it in a format which GMaptoGPX can handle. Glad I figured out what was wrong, though it doesn't help me with a solution. Jamie
  6. Jeesh. Is it just me? I create a route and drag the roads to where I like them. I click on "Get Directions" and Google Maps pauses for a second, but nothing changes on screen. I still can't use GMaptoGPX. I'll continue to fiddle with it to see if I can get it to work. Jamie
  7. Fantastic post. I've been using GMaptoGPX for a while now... Lately though, it seems to only work for really short routes. If I make a route in Google Maps which is a couple hundred miles long, nothing seems to happen when I click on the GMaptoGPX icon in my Firefox browser. Are there any reported incompatibilities with certain extensions or anything? Jamie
  8. Holy cow! What are you going to do, deliver it personally? Jamie
  9. Looking for a good condition Garmin Legend HCx to use when I go to Germany in the fall. Willing to pay around $150 for the GPS. More if you have some accessories or the GPS is in perfect condition. Less if the GPS has a few scratches but still works fine. Jamie
  10. Thanks for all the responses. I'm now in the market for a Legend HCx. Jamie
  11. I don't need a compass or altimeter. Do these models support custom POIs? Thanks for all the help so far. You've all cleared up much confusion I had. Glenn, you meant Legend HCx, right? Far as I can tell, there's no such thing as a Venture HCx. Jamie [edit] Crap, I'm confused again. Is there a Venture HCx? If there is, what's the difference between the Venture and the Legend?
  12. In the fall I'll be going to Germany for a semester of study. Of course I'm planning to bring a small GPS for geocaching and general navigation. Based on available maps of Europe, I've decided to go with Garmin. I have to watch the pennies, since I'm still a student, and will not be working while in Germany. I'll likely be purchasing something used or refurbished. I'm looking at the GPSMaps 60Cx, the eTrex Legend HCx, and the eTrex Vista HCx. At least according to Garmin's own website, there is virtually no difference between any of these three units. When I look at the comparison chart, they have exactly the same specifications other than size and weight. Is form factor the only difference? Basically, I'm looking for a small handheld with good battery life, color screen, ability to load maps of Europe, autorouting capability, good price. Are there any other models I should consider? Jamie
  13. Thanks to all those who attended. Torry Tee Mopar Bitbrain ClayJar Glenn and a few others I can't immediately recall. One of the most interesting NASA parties we've had in the geocaching chat room. Here are some preliminary photos from Phoenix: Impressive landing. Fun party. Thanks also to Groundspeak for letting us promote the landing party when it's only indirectly geocaching related. Thanks to ClayJar for use of the chatroom. Jamie
  14. 2pm Central time, the final press briefing before landing is about to air. I'm in the chat room. Come join me. Jamie
  15. Sunday's NASA TV schedule (all times Eastern): I should be in the chat room somwhere around 3pm Eastern (2pm Central). May 25, Sunday 3 p.m. - Mars Phoenix Lander Briefing - JPL (Public and Media Channels) 6 p.m. - Mars Phoenix Lander Landing Coverage - JPL (Media Channel) 6:30 - 8:45 p.m. - Mars Phoenix Lander Landing Coverage - JPL (Public Channel) 9:30 p.m. - Mars Phoenix Lander Briefing - First Downlink of Data - JPL (Public and Media Channels) I should be in the chat room somwhere around 3pm Eastern (2pm Central). Remember, more than half of all missions to Mars have failed. It's going to be a dramatic attempt. There are no aborts or scrubs. Phoenix is going to land on Mars, ready or not. If you don't have NASA TV at home, here are a couple of internet feeds: cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/nasa http://www.nasa.gov/55644main_NASATV_Windows.asx Jamie
  16. Absolutely. All day. Like the Super Bowl. Pregame and all. It's all good. As long as you show up to the partty. Of course not. The scary Off-Topic people are still invited. For an over-the-top "trailer" of Sunday's events, watch this short QuickTime film: http://phoenix.lpl.arizona.edu/video/edl_teaser_low.mov And a bit more detailed version of the above video: http://phoenix.lpl.arizona.edu/video/phoenix_edl_high.mp4 (for a really high quality video [100+MB], go here: http://phoenix.lpl.arizona.edu/video/phoenix_edl_hd.mov) Today during a press conference, a project manager said that the power dissapated by Phoenix as it slows to a stop would power Topeka, KS. Last time they tried this, the craft crashed. Jamie
  17. I've been holding launch and landing parties in the geocaching chat room for years. Nobody has ever moved my threads. Now I'll get the Off-Topic crowd in there. Jamie
  18. Hmmn. What about the twin rovers "Spirit" and "Opportunity"? I guess you could call those semi-soft landings. We had landing party for those, too. A soft landing is the same as a powered landing. The MERs parachuted to a low elevation, airbags inflated around them, and then they fell the rest of the way, bouncing until they stopped. Phoenix is powered. After releasing from the parachute, it will fire rockets as it reaches the surface. Pictures should be returned to Earth shortly after landing. Jamie
  19. It's time once again for a Geocaching Chat Room NASA party. This time, Mars Lander Phoenix is set to touch down on Sunday, May 25 2008 at approximately 6:53pm Central time. Phoenix will be the first lander since 1976 to make a soft landing on Mars. What: Phoenix Landing Party When: Join us sometime before landing time 6:00pm until about 8:00pm Central will be when the big show happens. Where: ClayJar's Geocaching Chat Room From an AP article: See you there. Jamie
  20. Today! T-minus 8 minutes, right now. Weather looks good. All go. Come to the chat room! Jamie
  21. A few years back I bought an eTrex Yellow, which was later stolen. I still have the box... If anyone wants it, I've put it in an eBay auction. Geocachers get 20% off the auction price, if you win. Ebay Auction Jamie
  22. John, Nice geocaching tie-in. Cool, thanks. Launch Party has been tentatively re-scheduled for January 2. Jamie
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