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  1. PQ ran a few minutes ago and was delivered to my email. I guess things are just a bit sluggish... typically those new PQs go through immediately. Jamie
  2. I created a new pocket query from Geocaching Maps. Set it to run today. Usually, new pocket queries run immediately. It's been about 15 or 20 minutes now and the PQ has not yet generated, according to my Pocket Query page. it's the only active pocket query I have... Others mentioned the Route PQs not running, I'm wondering if maybe there's a problem with the map-generated PQs. Jamie
  3. That one is listed incorrectly. A traditional cache is a container placed at the coordinates listed. I've gotten burned on this a few times when I downloaded coordinates into my GPS and didn't read the cache page. A traditional should always be located at the coordinates on the page. I'd post a needs maintenance on that cache, but I'm not local, and I think it would be inappropriate for me to do that. Jamie
  4. Exactly. At the minimum, you should archive the cache and write a brief explanation in the archive log. What you wrote in your post is appropriate. Then go get the container. Jamie
  5. David is right about it being a lot of work, and his procedure is spot on... except for one thing. I work backwards. I post the last log first. Once the last log is posted, you have the URL to post in the penultimate log. And so forth back to the first log. This eliminates having to edit preceeding logs and the annoying Last Edited By line on the bottom. What I usually to is link back to the first log from the last log, so if someone were so inclined to read the report starting from the middle, they could reach the end and go to the beginning. Man.. I wonder if the PaterQuest logs still work. Jamie
  6. Today I found a cache where I'd previously had a DNF. My DNF was a couple of years ago, and today at the park, things were vaguely familiar, but a little different from what I remember. When I got home to log the cache I was surprised to see that my DNF was on 3 January 2005, over four years ago. I've probably got older DNFs, but as far as I can tell, that's the longest span I have between DNFing a cache, and eventually finding it. Anyone else? Jamie
  7. I thought maybe this was going to be one of my logs. I just went and logged about a dozen caches I found in 2005 or 2006. I've got about another dozen to log from the same era, I just have to figure out which ones they are. Then again, I always note in my logs that I'm logging them a few years late. Jamie
  8. Jamie Z

    My finds

    I'd take that bet. With all due respect, I think it's going to turn out to be user error. Somewhere you're clicking the wrong button or over-writing the correct file. Jamie
  9. You didn't refer to it as a sport. That's a good start. Jamie
  10. This is what I do. Even more, I print the pages double-sided and four pages per sheet. I can get between 20-40 caches on a single sheet of paper. It's rare that I leave for a caching trip with more than one sheet of paper with me. Jamie
  11. That's my favorite. I hid an ammo box in an urban area. It was right out in the open. In fact, I could see it from probably 100 yards away. It lasted more than a year before I removed it because the other part of the puzzle changed and I archived the cache. Jamie
  12. To those looking to write a little more in each log, here's how I approach it. When I write a log, not only am I writing for the benefit of the cache hider and anyone else who might be interested, but it's also a journal or sorts for myself. So, when I write a log, I try to write it knowing that I might come back in five or ten years and reread about my experience. I try to write with enough detail that I'll remember the hunt based on my log. I also try to post at least one picture per cache hunt. Though sometimes I forget, or I don't have my camera, or none of the pictures are worth publishing, I think my rate is around 80% of my logs have at least one picture. I've even got some lame micros I found six and seven years ago where I can go back, read my log, and remember the cache hunt. The pictures help too. Jamie
  13. Of all the categories to make the Top 10 in at "itsnotaboutthenumbers.com", I take pride in the fact that this is the one I landed in. I thought I might have you. My average log is 240 words... though in reality it's slightly bigger than that, since several times I've run into the log-length limit and had to split my log into two parts and post the second half as a note. What's cool is the Team Sprout is a cacher local to me. Jamie
  14. 8am, Sunday morning in Seattle. And nobody is manning the ship! OMG! I'm a bit embarassed at this whinefest. So you didn't get your PQ. Jamie
  15. And now they're back to how they used to be. Jamie
  16. I looked to see if this was already brought up, but I didn't see anything. I've logged some caches in the past few days where I took a handful of pictures. I uploaded the pictures in chronological order, and they appeared in my log in chronological order. Today, they're backwards. Now the most recently added picture are at the top of the list, where just a couple of days ago, they were at the bottom. It's a minor issue... but now my pictures come up in the wrong order. Is this a feature? A bug? Jamie
  17. The idea lasted more than a year, so I suppose it wasn't a complete loss, but I hid a puzzle cache based on the ability to call a payphone. Do you know how hard it is to find a working payphone nowadays? The original payphone I used was removed, so I moved it. That one was removed, too. So I moved it again. Once more, that phone was moved. After three or four attempts, I finally gave in. It seemed like every couple of months, I was having to search out a new phone, seemingly every other finder. It was a popular cache for what it was, but the maintenence was a killer. Jamie
  18. I'm only guessing, but I think my longest streak, as defined by you, would only be five or six days... But regarding other streaks, I once had a streak of somewhere around 70 caches over two or three months by bicycle. Dunno if they frequent the forums much any more, but Koneko and Kablooey both had year+ streaks of finding at least a cache a day. Jamie
  19. Been a while since I contributed to this thread. This sounds like a great cache. The cache logger, not so much. Again, I find it amusing when people admit that they know it shouldn't be a find, but do it anyway...6200 finds. Yeah. Jamie
  20. Thanks guys. I'd tried to contact Data Trax Reviewer through the geocaching site, but never got a response. In the meantime, I got ahold of Mtn-man, and he's answered my question. Jamie
  21. I have a question about a cache which was archived about a year ago. I emailed the reviewer who archived the cache, but got no response. I've kind of been out of the loop for a while and I guess I no longer keep up with who's the reviewer in my area. Can someone point me the right way? Jamie
  22. I think I've arranged a kayak from a paddler on another forum. So... the focus of this thread changes from looking for a boat, to looking for a paddler to join me. I'll be heading out on the river from Ponca on Monday morning, March 9. Time TBD. I'm not in any sort of rush. Any caches want to get on the water? Jamie
  23. Spring Break (for me) is almost here. I want to do something worthwhile. I'm planning to ride my motorcycle out to northwest Arkansas and spend the week, between March 6-15. I want to ride to Pruitt on Highway 7 near Jasper and start my hike on the Buffalo River Trail. It goes 37 miles to a trailhead near Boxley on Highway 21. Then I'd like to get in a canoe and paddle the Buffalo back to Pruitt where my bike will be parked. Unfortunately, there are only a couple of caches along the trail route. Do you have a canoe or kayak I could borrow/rent? I'm not looking for a freebie; I'd be willing to buy some beer and/or dinner. The trouble is that renting a canoe from one of the local outfitters looks like it'll cost me about $90 for the two days. Also, I need to figure out how to shuttle a canoe to Boxley and/or back from Pruitt. Again, the prices aren't clear, but if I go through a commercial outfitter, this service will be comparatively expensive. I'll pay for gas and a few beers to cover your time. I'm hoping to find some local paddler who will let me borrow his boat, or better yet will want to join me. If you have a tandem boat, let's paddle the Buffalo. I'm also up for having a hiking partner on the trail. In exchange, I make an open offer to anyone who'd like to come to Memphis and paddle the Mississippi sometime. Despite what you might think, it's a beautiful river, and it won't suck you down and hold you until you drown. I've got a big expedition canoe you can use and I can provide a shuttle. I'll even join you if my schedule permits. Or if you have a motorcycle, let's join up for some caching before or after the Buffalo. I'm always up for meeting new cachers. I realize this might be asking a lot. I'm pretty flexible with scheduling. I'll work around whatever you have to offer. Where there's a will, there's a way. I have the will, I'm searching for the way. I just want to work it out somehow without having to spend $200 to paddle the Buffalo. Jamie
  24. I sold a Canon A-series point and shoot with 512mb memory card for $40 on another forum. They do exist at that price. Jamie
  25. As I've briefly mentioned in a couple of threads, I'm shipping off to Germany very soon. For the trip, I've bought a new Legend HCx with European city maps. At home here, I have the old reliable Magellan Meridian Gold that's now probably redundant. I'm considering selling it, but a curious thought came to me. Wouldn't it be better if I brought it to Germany and sold it there? From what I hear, GPS units in Europe are incredibly expensive. Seems to me, I could help out myself as well as some lucky buyer by packing the GPS in my luggage and selling it once I get there. Thoughts? If it matters, my German is not good enough to post a German-language craigslist posting or eBay auction. Jamie
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