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  1. Did you report it? Should I ask what they were doing? Did you mention it in your DNF so other cachers are aware? Jamie
  2. I've long considered it, but version 3 seems to be the Windows Vista of Firefox. Jamie
  3. You know, this stuff really makes me mad. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...f3-6db68376c681 Why would somebody do this? Is there something we can do about this? Can someone lose their geocaching privileges? What's ironic is here are some comments from other geocachers: "Hate the graffiti though, too bad it can't be removed." "Very nice piece of history it is a shame that people deface things like this." "It's to bad that the locals use it to display their graffiti and deface the property." It's not just the locals. Jamie
  4. I didn't see this mentioned... I've just created a PQ for a route. http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/urquery.a...38-8ab5993cfaff I've selected my preferred cache types and saved the query. It doesn't remember the cache types I've selected. My query previews with cache types I unselected. When I go back to the PQ page to double-check that I've selected the right types, all the checkboxes are empty. Jamie
  5. Do you mean where it says "Route" at the very bottom there? Ok... next question/problem: Like Cache Liberation Front, I'm noticing that the route gets truncated when I use the &output=kml. If I'm not mistaken, it appears that Google Maps doesn't output the kml beyond the first destination. Anyone find a workaround for this? Jamie
  6. Looks good... but either I'm not seeing something, or Google Earth has changed. I can follow down to step 5. There is no little triangle next to the route on the left sidebar. At least nothing I see. Is there updated instructions, or am I missing something? Jamie
  7. So... All these comments about some particular brand or model GPS being more accurate than others. Where is everyone getting the data? I'd like to see a link where a standardized comparison has been made. Jamie
  8. Ok, I just switched my settings from "Rich Text Editor" to "Standard Editor" and now the spell check works. Those of you who aren't having the problem (everyone but me) must have yours in Standard Editor mode, and not Rich Text. That said... I don't see any difference. Problem solved. Jamie
  9. Found another post which says this: Do I have mine set to Enhanced field, and everyone who has responded has the basic set? Is it possible to switch to a basic editing field in the forums? Jamie
  10. Ok, I've just done a Google search on this problem, and it seems a few other users have this issue where Firefox works in some fields, but not others. Someone posted a fix. I made the fix. Still nothing. http://mintywhite.com/tech/firefox/spell-c...firefox-how-to/ I'm going to keep up my Google search for at least another 15 or 20 minutes. Jamie
  11. I've got several languages in spell-check, but English is the default. Like I said, the spell check works fine in three or four other forums I post in. The spellcheck works here if I right-click and tell it to "Spell check this field." But that's a step I don't have to make anywhere else. FWIW, Firefox I just double-checked my settings. I've got the spellcheck turned on (it's just one check box, on or off). I don't know what else to check. I guess something about my system just doesn't like Groundspeak. Jamie
  12. The link you supplied talks about a firmware update for the 60csx. The OP is asking about the Legend HCx. Are the discussions relevant? Jamie
  13. Hm. So it is just me.... wonder what I have wrong. There doesn't seem to be any settings for spellcheck... and from what I can remember, it's done this for a long time, not just recently. I suppose I can just live with it. Thanks for the replies. Jamie
  14. I don't see this mentioned very often. You can easily search the forums using Google, without any of the restrictions. Search for 60c? Type "60c site:forums.Groundspeak.com" into the Google search window. Jamie
  15. Is it just me? I've got Firefox set up to spell-check in text-boxes such as the forums. It works on every forum I'm on, except for Groundspeak. I can right-click and select "Spellcheck this field," and it activates it, but only for that session. Next time I make a post, I'd have to right-click and do it again. This is not the case in every other forum I'm on. Am I the only one? Is there a setting somewhere to force it to activate the spellcheck in the Groundspeak forums? Is it the forum software which disables it? Jamie
  16. Last week I was looking for a cache just off a rural highway. As I searched an SUV pulled up on the opposite side of the highway and stopped. Now normally I wouldn't pay any attention. It's probably someone taking a bathroom break, or swapping drivers, or just getting out to stretch. But these guys were different. When they got out of the vehicle, they looked around suspiciously. They checked the road up and down, and then they opened the rear of the SUV and removed a large cooler. While one guy watched, the other tossed some things from the cooler, but at my distance I couldn't see what it was. In the meantime, I snapped a couple of pictures. Unfortunately, there was thick brush between me and them, and I couldn't get my camera to focus on them. I even stopped down the aperture to get a long field of view, but they still came out a little more blurry than I'd like. I got a pic of the back of the SUV, and in the full-size image, I can read the plate number. After they left, I rode over to see what they'd dumped. I was surprised to see this: Those look like pretty good fish to me! They were impressive in size. I'd have been tempted to take them myself if I'd had any way to carry them. When I got home I called the Mississippi Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. I initially spoke with a woman in the office who said she'd forward the information from an officer. A little while later I got a call from an officer who asked me a few basic questions and asked me to email the photos to him. Two days ago I got a call from a different officer who informed me he was at the site and the fish were still there. He asked me some more questions about where I was when I took the pictures (he was aware of geocaching) and the date and time. He also asked if I'd be willing to come testify if it got that far. He said that the plates were out-of-state so he had an extra hoop to jump in order to contact the guys. I was glad he called and kept me posted, but he also sounded like the case might not lead anywhere. Jamie
  17. I'm guessing you're Nancy who emailed me. Did you get my response? Jamie
  18. Like most things, GPSBabel will also do this, though I can't explain how to do it. This is a topic which has been brought up quite a few times in the past. If you do a search, you should find instructions how to get GPSBabel to do what you want, or maybe someone here more familiar with the software will pipe up right here. Jamie
  19. I've never seen nor heard of an ammo box disintegrating. There's an ammo box cache near me which is located in a creek bed which probably floods a few times a year. the cache has been out since 2002. It's fine. Another cache near here, placed in 2001. It's at the base of a tree in the woods. Fine. Jamie
  20. I didn't think of the ability to float... but that's a good one. Though... whatever unit he gets, I'm sure it'll be mounted semi-permanently on the dash. It's not like a little fishing boat. Not much chance of it falling in the water. 76cx is a good idea, though without voice prompts, it's not the best car unit. Jamie
  21. My circle of friends often consider me the GPS expert, and usually I can answer their questions, but I have reached the limit of my knowledge, and I'm looking for some suggestions. A good friend has recently bought a large cabin-cruiser boat to be used on the local lakes (and if I have my way, the Mississippi River). It's a 28-footer (I think), sleeps three (or four?) and has a inboard big-block V-8. He got a sweet deal on it because it needs a bit of work. He asked me about mounting a GPS in the boat. My friend is a complete GPS noob. He said he'd mainly be using the GPS in the boat, but I can envision him deciding to use it in the car, too. I don't know anything about GPS for marine use, or what kinds of features they have, though the high-end marine units are probably out of his budget. So here's what I'm looking for: A waterproof unit with a decent sized screen. It should be fairly user-friendly, otherwise I think my friend might get frustrated and give up on it. Good visibility in sunlight. I think it should probably be good for automotive use too. I can see him using it in the car, though he hasn't told me specifically that he intends to do that. What other features do marine units have? I've seen some with weather receivers, and do they have depth charts now, too? No need for Bluetooth or MP3 player. The limiting factor will be budget. Consider $300 to be about the absolute maximum, He said $200-$250 is a little better. He's willing to buy good-condition used or referbished, and willing to buy something even if it's a model which is a few years old. Any thoughts? Model suggestions? Is there any reason not to consider a standard automotive unit which is waterproof? Jamie
  22. This gets mentioned every now and then, and I think it's a great idea... but I fear it's probably pretty low on the list of tasks. By the way, when I was in Germany, I found very few of the descriptions to have English. Curiously, often the hints were in English. Jamie
  23. I thought this post was going to be in French. Jamie
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