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  1. Remember when you were just a wee cacher? You got your new GPS and went out in search of your first cache. Maybe you found it, maybe you didn't. Post your first caching log here. My first attempt at geocaching took place May 21, 2001 when I DNFed this cache (and then another one about 30 minutes later) A few days later, May 31 2001 I got my first find! (you might note that my first find was also a FTF) Jamie
  2. Is this only for IE? I've been printing the printer-friendly pages for years and I've never had this happen. Jamie
  3. This is me. Once I hit GOTO, there can only be two possible outcomes. Either I find the cache or I don't find the cache. I've got 102 documented DNFs, though I know I've missed a couple. Not because I didn't think they were DNFs, but because by the time I returned to computer access, I no longer could remember which caches I'd searched for. It's only happened a couple times. Though it doesn't bother me, I've never understood how people can decide that some DNFs aren't really DNFs and not log them. Jamie
  4. A couple more cool ones: Natchez Trace Parkway New Hampshire Loop Jamie
  5. Remember when everyone wanted to be able to do Pocket Queries along a route? The world's problems could be solved if Groundspeak simply made it possible to search for caches along a route, and then they did it! Not only did they do it, but they made it possible to share your routes. You can make your route public and available for search by keywords. It's brilliant. I couldn't wait to see all the great routes people would post. I love to get on the road, find some cool roads, and being able to find caches along the way made it even better. It's such a great resource, and it's being wasted. If I do a search for keyword "Memphis," (where I live) this is a sample of the routes the come up: "St Louis Missouri to Memphis Tennessee via I-55" "West Memphis, AR to Little Rock, AR via I-40" "Atlanta, GA to Memphis, TN via I-20 and US 78" "Memphis TN to Littlie Rock via I-40" Who wants to take interstates? It seems like almost all the public routes are just the interstate between two cities. Booooring. A search for "motorcycle" brings up eight routes, three of which are my own (and one from Mopar). Where are all the cool routes? Is there a place we can deposit cool routes? Post 'em here if you got 'em. I'll start with my own, since I'm quite pleased with the routes I've posted. Crowley's Ridge Parkway, Arkansas Kentucky Covered Bridges Kentucky MRT Jamie
  6. Ugh. What happened to my post? Forum killed my post. I reposted. Can this thread be locked or deleted?
  7. Wow! I mean, WOW! How did you get that gig, and where do I sign up? Jamie
  8. SBA? Sounds like the owner isn't properly maintaining the cache. Jamie
  9. Though it's possible that lab testing could highlight differences between the reception capabilities of modern GPSs, the differences to a geocacher are negligible. Excepting some older GPSs which didn't have parallel channels, and to some extent, the older eTrex models (not the newer eTrex models), all modern GPSs have more than good enough reception for almost any geocacher's needs. Leaving that as your prime concern is of little value. Even the best consumer GPS will only get you within 10 or 20 feet of a position, and when you're looking for a cache, remember that the hider used a consumer GPS to generate the coordinates, so the cache coordinates themselves may very well be 10-30 feet away and still within the range of error. For what it's worth, precipitation and cloudcover have negligible effect on GPS reception. Trees and buildings are the biggest factor. In some area, mountains and canyons can cause problems, and though you don't give your location, I suspect you're in the UK. The UK doesn't have much (if any) terrain which should give a modern GPS trouble. Jamie
  10. I've got about half a dozen finds where I've uploaded a dozen or more photos... Some great caches need more than just TFTC. In addition, I've got a few logs on caches I've hidden which have a dozen or more photos. That said, it takes only a few minutes to upload the pics one by one. Though the option to upload a bunch of photos at once would be helpful, it's not high on my list of wants. jamie
  11. Pinned threads? Is that new?
  12. One suggestion I haven't seen... The ammo cans I hide don't necessarily have to have much camo. They've been far enough away from anything that I'm not worried about folks seeing it. I usually just pick a flat paint similar to the surroundings and paint the whole can a single color. Then I print up the Stash Note with the geocaching logo, the cache name, my name and phone number, and have it laminated at the local Kinkos. Then, using 3M double-sided tape, I put it on the outside of the cache. Here's one of my caches, photo taken by a finder: And another cache, the pictures from the cachecamera. You'd be surprised how well it holds up. Several years so far, and hardly any degradation. Jamie
  13. Locally, we've had a handful of high-profile caches all but disappear. One woman found around 3000 caches in her first year or two and placed about 100 caches. She hasn't logged onto geocaching in two or three months. Many of the micros she tossed out are now showing up as missing, wet logs. It's a maintenance nightmare. Another prolific caching couple a few years ago, they found several hundred caches, hid a dozen or so good caches, and as of about two years ago, nobody has heard a word from them. We also had one very copious hider up and disappear one day. Even his wife posted on the local forums asking if anyone had seen him. We were checking to see which caches he might have gone to look for, fearing the worst. As it turns out, he'd been busted for drug dealing and was sitting in jail. I know I've gone long stretches without caching, but it's never been on purpose. Twice I've had my GPS stolen. I've taken some long-distance trips where caching wasn't involved... and in addition, I kind of got burned out on the quality of local caches (see my first story above) so I pretty much stopped searching for local caches. But I do go out once every week or two and grab a couple good ones that other cachers recommend. Jamie
  14. Moreover, if you press the power button once to bring up the brightness level, then press it again to bring it to 50% brightness, then move the brightness to where you want using the click stick and press the click stick to return to regular GPS mode. The next time you press the power button to control the brightness, the preset brightness you chose above will be activated. It saves your brightness even through power down. Jamie
  15. That's been my experience. I'm not sure if it's because people prefer to hide micros, whether they don't want to spend the money on a more significant container, or whether it's because they haven't looked very well for a good place to hide a bigger container. In other cases, I think it's just a matter of putting caches out because one isn't already there and having a few film containers in your pocket for just that reason. Jamie
  16. Hm... there might already be a Greasemonkey script for this. Either that, or it's a good idea for one. Jamie
  17. What do you mean? Typically, large caches are hidden in out-of-the-way places and can go years without any maintenance problems, including the logbook. I've found caches with full-size notebooks in them for logbooks. It'll be a while before that needs replacing. Jamie
  18. I was just noticing the other day how long it has been since I've found a 5-gallon bucket cache. Perhaps I should place one... Jamie
  19. Done. I backdated the appropriate logs to show where it has been. Thanks. Jamie
  20. I hadn't thought about dropping it in the archived cache. That's a good idea. Jamie
  21. Kind of an odd situation. A couple years ago I archived a cache. I picked up the container and put it in my attic. Today I pulled the cache out of storage with the intention of putting it back out in the field. In the meantime, I looked through the contents and was surprised and dismayed to find a travel bug in the cache. The archived cache never showed this bug placed in the cache. In fact the bug's last known location was several states away. I can't figure out how the bug got into my cache, and I'm a bit embarrassed that I had it in my possession without my knowledge for over two years. Nonetheless, I plan to get it back in circulation by leaving it in the cache container when I reuse it. Is there a way to simply drop it in a cache without having it in my inventory? Jamie
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