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  1. #2 Should have been written DD°MM.MMM not DD°MM/MMM It's simply one more decimal place precise than #1. Most GPS units display three decimals of minutes. Some (like the Maggie 310) only display two decimal places of precision. So... N35°25.362 W90°15.853 is DD°MM.MMM and N35°25.36 W90°15.85 is DD°MM.MM The thousandths place of a minute represents about 6 feet of precision, but that does not mean your GPS has 6 feet of accuracy. By the way... I wonder where those coords are? Jamie
  2. You know, I don't want to get into a flame war, but I tried to look through some of that guys other hidden caches and I just gave up. Every one of them is written in hacker. I thought that if just one was, that might be amusing... but all of them? Geesh. Jamie (My first post. Isn't that sweet?)
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