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  1. I am wondering how I can do a search on a yahoo map by typing in latitude and longitude coordinates.
  2. Superfastcacher-Rochester, MN
  3. First, I think you meant "cemetery", the places where dead bodies are buried, rather than "cemetary". I vastly dislike caches located in cemeteries, just as I dislike caches hidden in or near playgrounds. I changed the spelling Thanks
  4. I would like to know peoples opinions on wheter cemetery caches are O.K. I personally don't think they're a good idea, but could I get others thoughts? I just think it is really disrespectful to be walking over peoples graves to get to a cache.
  5. I think that road side memorials are a distraction to drivers and could cause an accident. I think geocaching should have nothing to do with these roadside memorials. I have seem a few of those crosses in Minnesota, now as I drive by I don't even notice them anymore.
  6. I also think that it is a good idea to log No finds, even if you're the first one. However if you have looked twice or more I would just stick to one No find. I am fairly experienced and I still have quite a few no finds
  7. I am new to Groundspeak forums could anyone give me some info on what I can do with this website?
  8. How do I set up a poll on Groundspeak?
  9. I am hiding a geocache in a regular 18oz peanut butter jar would this be considered a regular cache or a small cache.
  10. I am planning on placing a type of a multicache where I use many different geocache containers. I am wondering what are some cool and cheap geocache containers and where can I get them? Also where can I get regular 35 mm containers and other regular geocache containers? Where can I buy camoflage duct tape, not on the internet?
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