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  1. Thanks for your assistance that's what I thought but just wanted clarification. No worries will plan another siite in the lovely Scottish countryside. I really appreciated the help on this topic;)
  2. Thanks very much that's very kind of you Will start thinking about an alternative site
  3. It's finlaystone country estate in langbank
  4. It's a country estate that requires £4.50 entrance fee. Not sure if they make much profit.
  5. I was planning to hide a geocache and was wondering if the place I plan to hide it has to be free entry. Can I hide a geocache in a park that requires and entry fee to the park thanks Denise
  6. thanks for all the replies will try using offline and practice before I go, if i cant get it to work will buy pm
  7. If i save to offline list can i use them abroad (portugal) without a phone connection and just using gps
  8. I am wanting to send caches to my iphone but when i click send to my iphone it just comes up with a page to link and buy the app. But I have already purchased the app at £6.99 so why cant I send the cache to my iphone. I would like to use saved caches abroad.
  9. In april I am going to the algarve and I want to go geocaching. I will be using my iphone5 and using the geocaching app. I am not a premium member so cannot make pocket queries, and was wondering is there anyway I will be able to geocache without becoming a premium member and without using data roaming. I would really love to do this on holiday. thanks Denise
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