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  1. Groundspeak is a commercial entity and will never import anything from the "competition". Geocaching Australia (GCA) on the other hand can bring stats across from most if not all geocaching sites and gives you more stats than you can poke a stick at. Head to the forums on GCA or use their wiki if you need more information.
  2. Don't know about it being a challenge, but it definitely a GCA Locationless - Be Something Else Also you may like to drop into Geocaching Australia.
  3. Very unlikely that any Trig Point is listed on the Geocaching site as they don't support virtual caches anymore. Trig Points are, however, listed on Geocaching Australia where you'll also find the friendly Australian forums full of good folk wanting to help.
  4. Sent my 650 S/N 28U back and have (after a small payment) received a 650T as there were no 650s at Garmin Australia. S/N on the new model 2AC - much later or different run/manufacturer?
  5. Seeing as our top temperature at the moment in Canberra Australia is (quick conversion needed---)60 degrees, and my unit is back getting replaced/repaired, I don't think that heat can be the problem.
  6. My 650 was put in the post to Garmin Australia today. Amazing that some icons/letters/menus work fine and others.... I was having to guess if I pressed the item above or below the one I actually wanted. The map screen was worst as it would invariably reset to default.
  7. Can anyone help a gumby with the geo-tagging format? When I check picture properties the lat/lon comes up as something like S35 20 15.236987458 E149 12 23.123456789. Any reason why this isn't displayed in the format set on the GPS? I've tried a couple of different programs to look at the pic properties and they all show this weird lat/lon. When I put this into Google maps and round the last number to 3 numbers it is nowhere near where the actual photo was taken. Or is it a case of uploading the photo and then pinning it in Google Earth to get the closest approximate co-ords?
  8. You must be using a voice other than American Jill. Any other voice will not work. The Dev Team know about it. Cheers, Not even Jill is working. Garmin fixed the non-TTS voices in version 2.6. 3 Things to check. No offense if they are obvious to you, 1) Make sure to check the following settings under "Tones" in the setup menu. 1) Tones=On, 2) Tones Output=Auto. 2) Make sure the volume is set to something audible (not ZERO). 3) Try a pair of headphones pluged into the units audio jack. If the voices work there then there's something wrong with the auto cradle. Good luck! With a head like mine I don't take offence. But a big thank you. A friend of a friend appears to have turned it to internal speaker only. :anicute:
  9. You must be using a voice other than American Jill. Any other voice will not work. The Dev Team know about it. Cheers, Not even Jill is working.
  10. I seem to have lost voice guidance under 2.60. Of course with so many options available it may mean a morning of playing with all of them.
  11. McPhan


    Probably as most of us are over at Geocaching Australia using that forum. Geocaching Australia
  12. Geocaching Types This should help a bit. Why not join us over here
  13. You might like to play over here - http://geocaching.com.au/ with the forum @ http://forum.geocaching.com.au/ It's where all the best people hang out.
  14. Geocaching Australia There certainly is Olly.
  15. You'll normally get a better response from Geocaching Australia
  16. It means First to Find. The first person to find your cache will sometimes add this to their log.
  17. My imate PDA-N was the only device still working when a group of us did a Wherigo cache recently (including a Colorado). Just make sure you have all the latest builds and turn off any other programs that use the inbuilt GPS.
  18. http://wiki.geocaching.com.au/wiki/Logging_a_cache
  19. Agree with the above. In line with requirements in "How to report Site Issues" 1. I get the error on both ie 6.0.2900 etc and firefox 2. Someone else has posted the same error but so far no response 3. Adding to their post 4. Windows XP, browser versions above, errors wording as in previous post Assistance would be appreciated. The work around is to log in the past and then wait until the the USA catches up to us and then change the date. Thank you
  20. I've copied your post to the Victorian section of the Geocaching Australia forum. Geocaches in Melbourne Hopefully that will bring some more replies. Cheers
  21. McPhan

    GPS Maps

    Hopefully this is what you are looking for Shonkymaps You might also like to check out the rest of the forum and site at Geocaching Australia Cheers
  22. Worst percentage of Finds / DNF's * Freddo 261 DNF in 1754 finds (14.88% ) * McPhan 59 DNF in 508 finds. (11.61% ) The above is from local wiki. It's a bit dated as I'm up to 78 DNF. I try to log them all although sometimes I miss some when on long caching trips.
  23. Welcome to the obsession. You'll get a much better response if you post your question over here. Geocaching Australia Forum
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