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  1. Thanks guys for the advice I'll try some of your suggestions!
  2. I recently purchased a geocoin (TB1WJ1K ) "Wretched Skull Geocoin", from another cacher at the Wisconsin 2013 West Bend Mega Event on 8/10/13 but the owner has yet to send me the adoption email so that i can transfer ownership over to myself. I have tried emailing the owner twice and also emailed another cacher by the name of Averith who was with the coin owner at the time of sale, no answer back from either of them, what can i do so that i can get this issue resolved and get the ownership changed to me?
  3. Ok so i know how to manually put in a set of coordinates by marking a way point and changing the location, but when i go to the compass screen to help guide me to my destination it show another cache and not the manually entered coordinates i plugged in, but if i go to the map screen there it is. I want to be able to use my compass to guide me to my manually entered coordinates, how do i accomplish this?
  4. Try this place just ordered some from there: http://goinggear.com/camping-hiking...-desert-keep2go-waterproof-capsule-small.html
  5. Thank you "ckpetrus" for doing that for me, it is greatly appreciated and very kind of you. I'll try and pass the word on to my friends about your great magazine and get you some more business. Like I've always said "pay it forward", and that's why I've given two premium member subscriptions to new geocachers so that they could enjoy the hobby like i have since 2006.
  6. Thank you Everyone for the information it is greatly appreciated, and yes i did subscribe to the FTF magazine and actually got my first copy today in the mail about 30 minutes ago. Chris2537
  7. Does anyone know anything about this website or the owner is he still in business publishing this magazine. i ran across this website in Jan. and signed up and paid for a subscription but have not heard or seen anything since, just wondering if its a defunct business or how often he publishes this magazine. I would have thought i would have got a copy already? I sent an e-mail to him a few weeks back but never got a response, even checked spam folder. http://geocachermagazine.webs.com/
  8. Nice review but this is in the wrong spot it should be under GPS units and software use this particular thread is for GPS and HAM radio use and the connection the two have! 73s KC9LJT
  9. Oh my god your all retarted you people who are giving advise and being cocky with your replys need to get a life! If you have over 100 replys on the forum pages you need to get off the computer and get back to reality yourself. Get out there and Go geocaching and quit spending all your time replying to to forum posts!
  10. can someone please tell me where i can go to buy a nano cache container
  11. don't see that ? i do have my pfreferences set for the rino
  12. i have had a rino 130 for a while now and have been using easygps with no problem last night i bought a etrek leagend and today i added some waypoints onto it with easygps then i went back to my rino to go and try to download some waypoints but now all i get when i go to send it to the gps is a gps error: the serialport could not be opened. i tried unplugging the cable from the computer and it did the same thing and yes i have the rino as the gps to send my waypoints to can anyone help!
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