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  1. Yes, you need an unlock code for every GPS you want to load City Navigator onto. The maps are unlocked for your old GPS and you need a new unlock code for your new GPS. Did you register both units on the Garmin website? Contact Garmin (a Toll Free call in the US) and explain your situation. They should (might) give you an unlock code for the new unit. When they replaced my GPS a few months ago it only took a few minutes on the phone to obtain a new unlock code to transfer my maps. Thanks I will call them on Monday.
  2. Last year I got a Garmin 60CSX, it's a great GPS but I broke it because of a bad crash on my motorcycle. So I went out and got a new one last week and when to install all the software that I got for my other GPS. I went to hook my GPS up to the computer to load it into my new GPS and it will not let me load it. It's telling me the serial numbers don't match. I take it that it's reading the serial number off of my old damaged GPS. It there a way to load this program into my new GPS? Thanks!
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