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  1. My Magellen SportTrak Pro is getting a little long in the tooth so its time to upgrade. So lets say I've got a nice healthy budget in the $500 / $600 range .. what wuld you pick??
  2. You mentioned that you cache with a friend. Go to a sopt and look at both GPSs. Do they show the same coordinates? or ar they different? What does magellan say? I have the Pro and love it!
  3. Yeah, ive seen the errors but not 500' When I drive down I805 in San Diego it shows me off to the right a bit, but most times it is right on. Just wish they would get a new map update. My house has been here for 4 years and the map is blank in my neighborhood
  4. I think the flags / states are a GREAT idea. Collect them all! Sometimes we go after cahces that have certain items in them.. coins woudl be one. Last (second) one there is a rotten egg!
  5. We use the sightseeing fro found caches. Since most of the caches are great hikes or awesome vistas we thought that was a good one to use
  6. Didnt see a recent post regarding this, but the new 4.03 version of firmware is out. It is AWESOME! I really like th efeatures that they have added. Like when i scroll over a Geocache waypoint all you used to get was the GCXXXX. No wif you scroll over and hit enter it shows the name inaddition to the GCXXXX. Another thing it does is when you scroll over a POI, hit enter it gives the adddress adn phone number. My friend has a 2001 Nissan with GPS Nav built in and he CANT do that! ;-)
  7. I have the SportTrak PRO. THe base map is accurate, but thr MapSend version is WAY outdated. I have lived in this house for over 3 years adn the streets in my neightborhood are missing. I live in San Diego!!!
  8. Got the whole enchilda at Costco with the $50 rebate. Retunred the entire package and got $100! They also have the CAlifornia NG Topo software, 25 pages of waterproof paper adn the National Parks top 15 topo software for.... $99!
  9. Check out the speed of the COM1 in both the mapsend software and GPS. Set the baud rate on the gps to 115,000. Then go to MAPSEND and OPTIONS -> GPS Settings. Try the auottest. I to had a baud rate incompatibility. Have not had any corruption of maps and such. and it is a hell of a lot faster than 4800.
  10. What didnt they like? I know that you can only send coordinates up to 2 miles, not five like the walkie talkie feature
  11. Why is this better then EasyGPS? They look the same.. What am i missing?
  12. Lets get this gogin before the snow comes...
  13. I got the Pro and love it! The maps are a bit out dated (i've been living in this house in San Diego for 3 years and the street is missing), but the deal cant be beat. Got it from Costco. Remember that if you dont liek it for ANY reason, they will take it back. Like the ability to pop this in my pocket. Small and rugged
  14. Here is a hard one. I'm sure it will be one of personal preference but here goes... Garmin Vista - electronic compass and maps OR Magellan Platinum or SportTrek Pro...
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