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  1. After reading this, I decided to do some research, and did a search for Geocaching on the US Fish and Wildlife site, and didnt get any hits, but on the Michigan DNR site, I did get a hit back...


    QUESTION: What is the DNR's policy about using state lands for playing the new game of geocaching (www.geocaching.com)?


    ANSWER: The DNR has no problem with individuals playing geocaching on State land, as long as the activity does not become an event with large numbers of players. An event would require a DNR permit and include permit fees. We are especially pleased with the Cache In, Trash Out policy advocated by the official web page www.geocaching.com.

    You can read this at this Address: Michigan DNR Geocaching Stance



  2. This one time, I was walking through a forest, and a Tupperware minon was stalking me...It was throwing Ammo boxes at me.


    I picked it up, and Stuffed the tupperware minion in the ammo box, and hid it under the snow in the UP of Michigan. Will go out in a few months when the snow is finally goneicon_wink.gif

  3. I just wonder why the ranger left a note...I worked at a state park in Michigan, and if I was removing something that was "trash" I certanly wouldnt leave some more trash in its place...If I left a note, I would leave my contact info at least, so the owner could find me. These caches could have been taken by anyone, and just signed that way.


    I personally wouldnt have logged it as a find, but thats just me. I have 2 caches that I have a no find, and one I knew where it was due to already finding it, and going back to it to drop a travel bug off at...found the hole in the snow that it was buried in...but no cache. The second had a find logged the day before I was there, and unless its invisible, I didnt find that one either. i just contacted the cache owner to find out more info about the cache site. icon_cool.gif

  4. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and the other night, it was snowing so bad, I could hardly see 5 ft in front of the car. Of course, being the junkie I am, I had my gps with me. I was locking the same, if not better than I do on a sunny day. So, I guess its all in the eye of the beholder.


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  5. Is just cause its the Halloween season, and it was a funny picture I got from an email my mom sent me.



    Diplomacy: The ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way they actually look forward to the trip.




  6. Spent 1 yr 9 months before being medically discharged. I wanted to make it a career, but cant really be a scout with a bad knee.


    One thing to remember, never let the E6 that has no technology sense run the Plugger, or you will end up comming down the side of a 400' hill that you have to climb back up due to the fact thats where the OP is supposed to be...


    Gotta love Colorado, but its nice to be back in the Good ol Eastern Upper Peninsula icon_biggrin.gif



  7. Im suprised that all through that thread there are only about 3 instances where people bring the silver Space blanket...For only 2-4 bucks, they are a definate livesaver...from Keeping you dry if its raining, to keeping warm, even in the middle of a sudden snow storm (ok, you gotta plan these things in Michigans Upper Peninsulaicon_wink.gif)



  8. I just found my second marker a few days ago, and the whole cement post that the marker is in was pulled from the ground and laying on top of the ground. Im going out this weekend to get pictures of it.


    Whats the address that I would go to report this at? icon_confused.gif



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