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  1. How does the mere fact that some people cheat confirm the allegation (or suggestion as this might be a language issue) that all geocachers cheat? Further, if you are of the belief that all geocachers cheat and you are so obviously against all forms of cheating (based on the last dozen or two threads that you have created), why do you call yourself a geocacher? I think that may be the meat of JPreto's objection to cheating. I'd like to call myself a geocacher, without the presumption that I'm associated with a community where cheating is acceptable. Thanks for understanding my point of view!!!!
  2. No offense taken... and the assumptions are correct!
  3. I would say that all of those are examples of cache owners who think the FTF game is dumb and is basically taking their caches out of it. I actually consider that COs have friends or relatives that like the FTF game and this is just a great chance to have yet another FTF!!!! We really think differently...
  4. Maybe Groundspeak or some other website in granting souvenirs or badges on the number of threats openned or the number of posts!!!!
  5. WOW, only today I understood why in São Paulo suddenly apeared: - 2 leterbox hybrid - 2 Wherigo - 2 CITO Before August there was only 1 Wherigo and 1 Leterbox in whole Brazil... It´s all because of the souvenirs!!!! I don´t care about souvenirs so I didn´t even know the requirements of the souvernirs, never read them!!!! Funny, how a souvenir can change things!!!!
  6. Because they care about numbers more than they care about being called cheaters?
  7. I know people taht go with the hiders, when they are hidding, and claim the FTF. I know people that don´t even go with the hider, just sign the logbook at home before placing, and they claim FTF. I know people that have a stamp from other geocachers and stamp the logbook before placing, and they claim the FTF. So... Put your own rules or guidelines in your profile so others know how do you geocache because the FTF game is not part of the Geocaching.com game!
  8. Definition of Cheat (intransitive verb): Merriam Webster - to practice fraud or trickery; to violate rules dishonestly Oxford - An act of cheating; a fraud or deception. Free Dictionary - To act dishonestly; practice fraud. So... Cheating is directly related to a person being dishonest. Let´s check dishonest: Merriam Webster - saying or likely to say things that are untrue; containing information that is untrue. Oxford - Behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy, deceitful, or insincere way; Intended to mislead or cheat. Free Dictionary - Disposed to lie, cheat, defraud, or deceive. So, if you say something or do something that you actually dind´t do you are lying and you are being a dishonest person. If you gain anything with it, you are a cheater. Again confirm what a Spanish player said: "Geocaching is a game of cheaters"
  9. I think there is only one "middle of nowhere cache": http://coord.info/GC1BE91
  10. Yeahhh... lay low for a while and be afraid of what might happen... people in this game tend to be vengeful and you never know what might happen!
  11. "Some people say to fight fire with fire. I think the Fire Department uses water." Steven Wright Actually the Fire Department first tries to cut some trails and clean up some parts of the woods before attacking the fire with water... That is what I did! Cleaned up my forest!!!! Fighting fire with fire would be starting stealing other players caches, the way they did it with me... This is something I will never do!!!!
  12. Does it actually matter? Yes it does... like a Spanish player said in the Spanish Forum: "Geocaching is a game of cheaters"
  13. Very creative! Honestly, I would just laugh at them. I know a Brazilian geocacher that, to get all the August 2013 daily souvenirs would log a found in each day and then delete it... Just to get all the souvenirs!!!!
  14. In that case, when I sign the blank page, I can claim "Second To Find"! I'm gonna do that, next chance I get. On that day, I predict the Figurative School will show up again. Actually you can say in your log: "FTF!!!! I was the first guy to get this cache with my 2 friends Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" NO ONE can say you are wrong so you got the FTF!!!! And of your log gets delete just file a complaint to Groundspeak and they will un-delete the log. FTF is not part of the geocaching game so you can do whatever you want!!!! REALLY!!!!! Another thing is if you want to be honest or not about your FTFs...
  15. Some will get the August souvenirs in January 2015... just log it with a date of August 2014!!!!
  16. WOW!!! Someone that thinks like me.... I am not alone!!!! But since the FTF side game is not officially managed by Groundspeak you can do whatever you want! Actually all players can clain to be the FTFs in a speacial way...
  17. Where is that in the guidelines? Given that it has nothing to do with placing a geocache, it isn't in there. I personally almost fell out of my chair laughing at Preto's response. Perhaps I gave too much credit for the self-deprecating sarcasm that I picked up, but I really don't think he was being serious. Perfect word choise! You got it right!!!!
  18. Where is that in the guidelines?
  19. Pero si mismo los Moderadores de Foros colocan los códigos de sus geocoins en el foro para que todos puedan descubrir, no crees que lo que pasa a los demás jugadores es: "Se pueden compartir códigos sin problemas, es normal!!!" http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=290388&view=findpost&p=5048452
  20. Obrigado uma vez mais pelo sábio conselho... Porque até acho que a maioria dos jogadores Brasileiros olham constantemente para o Forum Espanhol!!!! Então, afinal é não ou é sim?!?!?!?! Olha, aqui no Brasil conheço jogadores que registam finds sem encontrar realmente o cache, eles mesmos o dizem no registo, outros logam finds e apagam mais tarde, apenas para ficarem com o souvenir, e tenho mais exemplos deste tipo... Volto a dizer: "O maior cego é o que não quer ver!"
  21. The reviewers are 8.000km away, remember? Am I the only one who calculated that out to a bit under five miles? Google seems to disagree with you by a few miles - about 4,965 There's a difference betwenn a comma and a period. Just sayin'. Also between metric and imperial system. We use , for decimals and . for thousands... Just saying!
  22. The reviewers are 8.000km away, remember?
  23. If I took it too seriously I would complain and complain and complain to the highest command... As I am not taking it too serious I just archived all caches, problem solved... They cannot steal more caches, at least mines! I wish you could understand Portuguese and be able to read some posts in the Brazilian forum... In one of the latest, the now famous Brazilian Forum Moderator "Rui de Almeida" tells me not to start topics that refer to the same subjects that are/were discussed in another language Forum. So now I must also learn other languages (different from Portuguese) not to repeat the same matters being discussed there in the Brazilian Forum, written in Portuguese.
  24. Are you asking me? I thought I explained it couldn´t be a burnout (a burnout doesn´t appear 3 months after you actually burnout) but "just" disappointment with the actions made by the local community... By the way, found something interesting, looking back at the logs from the events I participated: http://coord.info/GLD6ET9A January this year... I show my concerns about local geocachers not maintaining their caches... just curious no?
  25. How can I punish someone that doesn´t play the game since 2010? Wait a minute. You complained about the contents listed when a cache was originally placed at LEAST 4 years ago? Did you even visit the cache or were you just perusing cache listings looking for infractions to complain about? Really?!?!?!?! Is that your question?!?!?!?! The answer in on the cache page!!!! http://coord.info/GLFAT3D2 Can you point out the lancets in that picture? Yet another question answered by the cache page.... http://coord.info/GC1ZXZY PS: Spoiler picture 1... blue rod-shaped in the middle! Close up, just for you!
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