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  1. If you can go to meetings like town meetings or councile chamber meetings, then say that you would like to do a large CITO event and explain geocaching and hand out "lets go geocaching" pamphlets. but that might not be posssible for you ( i dont know montana or the states at all)
  2. I Also think that it would be weird to honour the deaths of criminals, i think that the caches should be where the officer got hurt (im sure at least one officer got shot {not fatel}) but im all for the cache even if i might not get the chance to find it. or just put it out the front of the bank
  3. i drive that to the cache's not accessible from the water or to far to bike, its my perents car not mine (it may be germen but that does not meen it cant go off roading !!) but for the caches that can be found via the water i use my dingy or a kayak (its that metel boat that is small)
  4. i think that anyone wanting to seek out all the caches needs to provide photo-id and register on a seperate forum and then when they find a cache take a photo of them with the cache. or elese they could contract people to fid caches for them and give them the numbers.
  5. most of the time i use "lobbster" but i prefer my real name, so when i found that it was not taken on GC i used it. (add me as a friend on digg if you use it)
  6. same im trying to get my firends all involved
  7. Do you hide from Muggles, or spread the word. How paranoid are you of being caught in the bush (Aussie word for woods) do you carry "lets go Geocaching" brochures with you. I personally spread the word but when im searching for a cache I tend to be a bit stealthy.
  8. Whats making me go nuts is waiting for my GPS to arrive (ebay) there are many caches in my area and i want to find them. i rea these forums so i a get my daily geocaching high.
  9. That seems fair, but I can recognize that it is frustrating to see someone claim a very nice area with a really lame cache. My two beefs that I've identified thus far are: 1. The "oops" microcache - no camo at all, they just drop or stick it somewhere totally unoriginal 2. The micro in a spot where a full-sized cache could be - another waste of space there are a few caches i an area where i was planning to do an eleborat multi-cache where the last cache is under water and locked to a dock. but i guess i will have to hope that the cache that is taking up the area gets archived sometime soon. for thoose who are wondering the area is chowder bay in sydney. the cache near it is not of poor quality and is called chow down by gorge.
  10. i dont like some variations of other games, like monoply but i just dont lay them. so tell this guy to just not seek the caches he does not like
  11. i think that they need to start a whole section devoted to cache adoption, its a great way to keep the sport alive. Also the more caches the better the sport gets.
  12. I Just today went GPSless caching, i used google earth and my experiance with the area. i DNF
  13. After i use it i put it in the freezer till i next need it. it keeps the bugs away and keeps your water cold. im not sure if it would shorte the life span because they become a bit brittle when there frozen. also if you dont mind the taste you can put some iodine in. not sure how much but hikers use it to make water safe for drinking.
  14. I just bought a Garmin eTrax off ebay for about 170 AUD. i should get it soon, the suspense is killing me. i went out to try and find a cache with google earth. but i did not find it.
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