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  1. I think that it needs to be a cache like the 50 state USA one, because i will never go all over the world to find co'ods engraved someware. it should be a puzzle cache so people not seeking it can still enjoy the caches. also they would have to be of the best quality. no P&G'S or micros. and the caches need to have really great trade items and be hidden in sightseeing locations, as people would be going around the world to find them. ALSO *bump*
  2. im yet to do it, i dont think its cheating or anything. but i think i ruins it a little. spoils the fun a bit
  3. i had the same thing.................browsing the forums getting used to the game and posting alot whilst i waited for it to come off ebay. i used gearth but i was unable to find the cache. i did however read the manule that i got of garmin's website. that did help me control my cravings for a while
  4. i find my yellow etrex to be very good in getting me to GZ, but when your there like any other unit they go psyco and you have to do the searching. anyway i know my GPS can find Geocaches. i want to find them i turn off my gps when i get withen 25feet or so. now dont get me wrong i would not mind a 60cx, also im aware that i have a etrex as my avatar, it does not matter to much what brand you use as there useing the same sattilites.
  5. if you had a waterprof container then this would not be a problem, also lable the pens as "geocache pen" or something so people dont take them. water proof containers solve all problems
  6. i think that we should be able to make other users our friends so we get notified about stuff they do eg: new logs, cache hidings, cache finds, travle bugs etc. i think it would be a good feature to add to the site. Thank you
  7. please lock this topic, i started a new one in the help section of the forums. sorry for cluttering the forums
  8. is it normal for the little arrow on your gps to go a little crazy when your in GZ. i have an etrex
  9. i have been out caching for the first time as the weather went bad (big time) yesterday, every time i reach what i think is ground zero the little arrow on my GPS starts moving in funky directions eg telling me that the cache is 20 meters to the west. Then when i take a few steps to the west it says its 20 meters to the south-west . You get the idea. is this normal or is my GPS (Garmin eTrex) broken , i got it 2 days ago. Thanks for any help
  10. i hate waiting, but i got my GPS today so i will have to change it soon
  11. is there anyway to have more then one home location as i live in a differnt house every other week. thanks,
  12. always go geocaching with another person, if you break your leg they can go get help. also you dont need to carry that much with two people. NEVER FORGET TO WAYMARK THE CAR!!!!!!!
  13. i would say no to him becuase 1. did not sign the log 2. did not see the cache 3. did not trade anything 4. went for a cache thats been archived for over a month it might sound harsh to the cacher but if its been archived then its no longer a cache its a memory. (edit for spelling)
  14. I just got my new gps today and it has that same problem. can i get it fixed via warrenty. garmin etrex
  15. i was wondering if there are caches that have never been found, also what is the most extreme thing you did to get to a Cache.
  16. is WAAS in the USA only (sorry if i sound like an idiot, i never understood it fully)
  17. you are looking for some tupperware, its not going to hurt you. i dont object to taking a multi-tool with you. but a freaking gun. you guys are nuts
  18. I would go for the garmin, have a garmin and i think they are very good. but the units are about the same. like a bmw and a merc. i would go for whats cheapesth
  19. get a comb and break every couple of brushes so that the gaps match the size of the burrs (but are not bigger then the burrs) then pull the sock tight and brush them off or burn the sock and do a tribal dance (worked for me, but my socks did'nt)
  20. 251) GPS systems that you buy off the internet or through a mail order NEVER arrive fast enough!!
  21. its a pity that you had to disable it, maby you should palce another one at the same approximet location (make it further from the water) also ask some locals if the water level is normaly this high or if it is higher.
  22. if you need to have a larger cable then just splice in some wirebetween the gps and the ciggertte adapter (like from a power cable from an old applince) and re solder it, then duct tape it to the dash or if your confident remove the dash and splice the wire in to the wire that leads from the ciggeratte adapter. btw i accept no liabilty for damage caused to you or your gps or your car. if you follow the practices described in this post.
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