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  1. My post code


    Australia Sydney Northbridge 2063


    is not supported, i cant make good PQ'S that work well if the post codes are not supported. i have to use a nearby subburb's postcode.

    could you please add support for this postcode and other smaller postcodes in sydney

  2. i am thinking about becomeing a PM but i have a few Q&A's

    i have a yellow etrex, and am going to buy a transfer cable for it.


    1. do PQ'S work with eTrex's

    2. do i need any extra software to transfer the waypoints to my gps

    3. do the PQ'S come in a format that can be read by my GPS, if not how can i convert them

    4. if software is needed what is it called and where can i get it


    thank you, i hope to be a PM soon, a newly placed PM only cache has made me crave Membership :D

  3. Many people in sydney are anti 4WD, because apparently they serv no purpose. these nutters are trying to ban 4WD from citys. but i do feel left out because the jeep travle bugs are only in america. think on the plus side, a large company spporting and accepting geocaching. that is a great thing, even if there might be a bit of advertising involved.

  4. I have never been to D.C but i think a cache in say the grand canyon would be good, or on mount saint helens. you get the picture, i think the place needs to be of ecological sigificance as thats what geocaching is all about, the woods and the wilderness. also on in hawai or alaska would be ok, because there seperated form mainland usa, also Hawaii is en route to L.A from the southern hemisphere.


    i really want this to happen, im fine with helping organize it if you want

  5. i just dont understand micros.


    they have no swaps

    a tiny logsheet

    whe you find them its a sigh, you dont jump for joy because the container is boring and so is the location

    there just dumb


    i think that there should be a user decided voting system of how good a cache is. like the system they use on www.digg.com

  6. I have been caching for a short time, and have lots of caches on my hitlist. But i have noticed that the trade items are well......... Dissapointing. When i made my first cache GCY2Y0 "Freaky creek" in Sydney. i put some good stuff in there, like the FTF got a DVD of fun with dick and jane. the rest of the trade items are not expensive or anything. but there not Happy Meal toys or peices of junk. i think that the trades need to be a bit better thought out, and a little bit more thinking should go into the items you trade.


    thats just my 2c :)


    Do you put some thoughts into your trades, and how do you feel when your presented with a cache full of junky peices of plastic

  7. Just like you i have just hid my first cache, it got published the moment that i got back after i had been out caching. the FTF in my cache is the proud owner of a DVD movie "fun with dick and jane" the rest of the trade items are not kids toys as such, but there not vewry expensive.


    eg. pack of cards



    New TB'S would be great, im yet to find a cache with a travle bug, activated or not in it. i really want to find one. but i dont like it when there attached to large item's. because you cant carry them in your pocket with you. im a spontainus cacher.

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