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  1. We just started Geocaching and found that we LOVE it! We have gone the past two weekends. We found a travel bug (did not take it) this weekend but did not know what it was until we came back home. We are very excited and want to do everything now (geocoins, travel bugs, etc..). Is there anyone else around the Vincennes area? I found out you can't wear shorts and crocks to geocach in, so I am investing in a good pair of hiking boots. Do you all ever get together? Does anyone do the letterboxing? I am interested in that as well. Is there a place you all recommend to buy geocoins? We can design our own right? Am I asking enough questions yet? I work at Ouabache Trails Park and haven't looked for the ones there yet, my husband and I are going after those next week. Please be careful on the RR Tracks you wont hear the trains until they are on you. Thanks!
  2. So I take it some kind of Garmin Unit is the best to buy? I have no idea what SP2620 or any of that other stuff is.
  3. I am looking to buy a street pilot for my husband for christmas, any ideas or suggestions which ones are the best? Im not looking to spend tons of money, but would like a good one. Thanks!
  4. We will also be willing to put you up in one of the cabins for the weekend our treat of course! This event is taking place in Vincennes, Indiana, on June 10th. Stay either Friday and Saturday night or Saturday and Sunday night. These are wonderful cabins and can be seen on our website www.knoxcountyparks.com Thanks!
  5. We run the county parks in Knox County and we welcome any caches, we have one now in Ouabache Trails, so hide away!
  6. We are hosting a Women in the Outdoors Event on June 10th. One of the classes we will be holding is a Geocaching class. If anyone would like to volunteer to instruct this class it would be appreciated. Contact Vicki Harmon at Ouabache Trails Park Office: 812-886-5089 or email us at knoxcopark@earthlink.net. Thanks!
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