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  1. Geocache for prizes in State Parks centennial challenge http://wthitv.com/2016/06/06/geocache-for-prizes-in-state-parks-centennial-challenge/ Visitors to Indiana State Parks this year can play the Centennial Geocache Challenge for a chance to win prizes, including a 2017 Annual Entrance Permit. The Centennial Geocache Challenge is a self-guided activity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Indiana State Parks in 2016. A Centennial Cache is located at each state park. Participants can download a Centennial Geocache Passport at INStateParks100.com. The passport is a game card that that resembles a bingo card with park names inside each square. When participants find a Centennial Cache, they stamp the square for the corresponding park using a property-specific stamp inside each cache. Completing five parks in at least one row on the passport makes the participant eligible for prizes. Completing more rows increases a player’s entries into the prize contest. Twelve entries are possible per passport. Prizes include a 2017 Annual Entrance Permit, a $50 camping gift card to state parks, a $50 DNR Inns gift card, a $25 gift card to Cabela’s and Indiana State Parks Centennial Coins. Information on the caches is at geocaching.com, where you can search by property name or by property ZIP code. Caches can be found and documented through Oct. 30. Passports must be mailed, or scanned and emailed, to the challenge organizers at Indiana Dunes State Park by Nov. 6. The mailing address is Indiana Dunes State Park, 1600 N. 25 E., Chesterton, IN 46304. The email address is dunesnc@dnr.IN.gov. Learn more about geocaching and how caches can be placed on DNR properties at geocaching.dnr.IN.gov. Turkey Run and McCormick’s Creek were Indiana’s first two state parks, established in 1916 as a gift to Hoosiers on the 100th anniversary of Indiana statehood. A list of centennial activities is at INStateParks100.com.
  2. We are holding an event at our park which is "Man -vs- Ouabache", one group will be doing everything "Modern" the other group will be doing everything "Primitive", one of the projects is finding geocaches within the park, but we are having difficulties trying to figured out how to get the primitive group to the geocaches, someone told us we could use a google map or some other type of map but we are unsure how to do this, i have looked it over and over and really can't see it. Any other help would be appreciated! The event is this weekend (June 8-9) Thanks!
  3. You must live in our area, we have someone that is doing the same thing, all of the containers are pretty much similar and basically placed in similar spots.....boring and annoying
  4. Visiting my family in Texas in May for a wedding, staying at their lake house at Lake Livingston. Just wanted to know of some good geocaches in that area. Thanks
  5. Can someone please explain to me in layman's terms on how to create a pocket query. We are going to MOGA and would like to have one for the surrounding area, and have the knowledge of how to make one. THANKS! Vicki
  6. We have a GArmin ETrex and we are pretty happy with it, ours will get us within 4-5 feet of any cache, but that is about normal for any gps and sometimes we are right on top of it. Sorry your having problems, try looking on their website for trouble shooting.
  7. We didn't know him, but will have his family in our prayers and thoughts. Capt. Harm & Sweetlamb
  8. We didn't know him, but its always sad when part of the community passes away. Godspeed Keith
  9. Well that's kinda of a long drive, I am in Vincennes so we are looking to get people closer to our area.But thanks for the invite!
  10. I received my brochure on that this year, my husband and I thought about doing the Katy Trail Ride this year, but I am so out of shape, it is one of my goals. I want to do the Katy Trail so bad. I can't wait for them to connect to Texas, if that will ever happen, I guess that is up to Kansas.
  11. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone was interested in starting a Southern Indiana Geocaching Club, where we could all meet and get together once in awhile, it could be fun and you never know we could become another SLAGA! Email me or leave your thoughts about it here.
  12. Instead of locking starting new threads, I think Groundspeak should just charge a fee (say, US$1) for starting a new thread. This should cut down new threads significantly, and add to their revenue. To save on credit card / Paypal processing fees, new thread licenses are sold in packs of 10. You'll be issued with 10 unique validation codes that you'll need to enter when starting a new thread. The non-existent Platinum members get to post 5 new threads every month for free. Edit : In case it is not obvious, here's the smiley : That's a joke right???
  13. We'll Check it out, I was wondering if there was Southern Indiana Geocachers Club. Whats a ECO?
  14. Hi ! Welcome to Geocaching! We are in Vincennes, next time you are here stop by and say hi. You will really come to love this little sport I know we have, I just wish we would have gotten involved with it sooner. Oh and by the way the Illinois people are SUPER nice
  15. How do you fix it so the earliest date comes up first? Everytime I open this forum it brings me to the very first post, is there a way I can set this to go to the last post automatically when I open? Thanks
  16. Is there a local Indiana Geocachers Club, we are from Vincennes
  17. That is great!! I am happy for you. We are considering getting pathtags, they are cheaper and people can keep them. It seems a lot of Cachers like to collect things. We are trying to come up with a design for a Geocoin also, and we want to get some travel bugs. There are some things we haven't done yet but are taking our time on them until we know more about it, I am the type that will not do anything until I have researched it, heck I wont even take my new medicine until I looked it up on the internet first, lol. Well good luck with your coins, etc, I hope they have a fun journey!
  18. Give them more time to move around, I see you have only been a member since September, be more patient. I talked to some people over the weekend who told me they had travel bugs out that haven't moved in a year or less. Some move fast some don't. I try not to put the ones we find so close to where we found them, it defeats the purpose, and sometimes I don't take them if I see them, we just started doing this as well, and we are still questioning a lot of things, as to how this is done and how that is done, we are certainly no experts, but we aren't giving up yet. Learn something new every time we talk to someone, good experience.
  19. By chance do you happen to log the tb or coins when you find them and place them? Because actually that is what I am being a big cry baby about. Is they get moved but no one logs them.. Yes, as I said earlier, we log every single one of them, I am still holding one that requires the owner to email me first, but it is a handmade geocoin traveler, and to this date I still haven't heard from this person. Looks like you picked up the one from the 1000 acre woods, and it was logged. We were going to put it in a Rockville cache but remembered the Bridge fest was going on, then we found this cache and that no one had been there in over a year and decided it was a good place for it.
  20. If you are talking about that Jeep travel bug I seen that one at the Cache Slash last weekend, I am trying to remember who grabbed it, I was there when they took it, I dropped off some coins, we are fairly new at this, but any travel bugs or coins we have found we have moved on to another cache so far, we have never kept any.
  21. We don't have any the ones we keep finding are the ones you have to keep moving, how do you all keep finding the ones you keep? Obviously we are new at this, I would love to keep some of the ones we found they are so neat!
  22. Hello, we are from Vincennes, Indiana. We joined in 2002, but never Geocached, we finally started this year, and now we wished we would have started sooner! We decided to become Premium members. I found out about Geocaching through another Geocacher who came to Ouabache Trails Park to hide a cache and he explained it to me, and I thought it was the neatest thing. Went home and checked it out on the net, told my husband about it. But we never really got around to doing anything until this year. Anyways, thanks to the unknown person who I cant remember who you are, but I remember what you look like I think, for introducing me to Geocaching!
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