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  1. Yup...It's being planned! Get ready fellow geocachers! Did you really think it would stay free? Name one other thing the U.S. Govt. lets us use for free...
  2. Hey Pinion...Where is that at? I work at the one in Riverdale Utah..Just curious.
  3. I thought of doing that, but last time I looked, they were like 15 dollars for a dozen of them (or something like that). I thought I remembered the screen protectors I bought for my Garmin V were already cut to custom size and considerably cheaper than the Writeright(?) PDA protectors.
  4. I bought some a few years ago for my Garmin V, but can't remember where I got them. They were great. Any ideas? This time for a Garmin Foretrex 101.
  5. Has anyone out there really measured the difference between normal and battery saver mode (with any model) under similar conditions? I'm wondering why anyone would not use battery saver mode under most normal operating conditions. Isn't it just a matter of longer update times (5 seconds vs. 1 second) I believe WAAS isn't available with battery saver activated, but I have found WAAS to be worthless where I live for nearly everything I do with my GPS anyway.
  6. Save your money...You will find that you will hardly use either the compass or the altimeter after a while. And, if you do use the compass, you'll be whining about how much battery life it consumes! Now I know, someone will counter with "I use mine all the time and love it!", but after selling these things for 6 years, I just telling you what I see (and I have not bought these extras myself!)
  7. Absolutely I do! And toothpowder instead of toothpaste! Under a 20lb pack! I chose the lithiums stricktly because of the weight factor first and the cold temperature performance second. Then I got wondering about the run-time performance as an after-thought. They are nothing short of awesome in high-drain devices, but this Foretrex 101 isn't hardly a high-drain device.
  8. I just bought a Garmin Foretrex 101 strictly because of the weight. (2.7 oz.) I will be using it for backpacking. I am putting Energizer lithiums in it for the same reason...They are lighter weight than alkalines and way more cold tolerant. ( I am even removing the wrist strap on the Foretrex to save a bit more weight ) My question is: Has anyone else put lithiums in a Foretrex 101 and did a run-time test?
  9. Wow...I have been selling these things for 6 years now and teaching GPS navigation for 4 years. You are the first person I have came across who thought 1000 waypoints was too little! How do you manage them? I am curious. Doesn't it become a real burden trying to sort them out on your GPSR? I find I hate it when I get more than about 20-50 on my unit! I keep all the others on my PC until I need them. Anyway, I am not familiar with any models that do more. They might be out there, but they are not mainstream models. Good luck. Alphawolf out.
  10. Get some of those cheap, "rip open the pack & use it" type hand warmers. Get one warmed up before you need it, then elastic band it to the bottom of your GPSR battery compartment. It'll keep your batteries toasty for 8-10 hours! (feels pretty darn good in your hand, too!) Oh, yeah...Lithium are absolutely the best in cold weather performance. They are about $2.50/battery at Wal-Mart. They are worth their weight in gold for serious cold weather performance though.
  11. Huh?!? Really? I have never, in 7 years of using these things, seen a degredation of accuracy due to weather! I have used them under clouds, in rain, in fog, in snow...You name it. Externals really do aid in grabbing satellite signals, but overall, they usually aren't necessary in normal conditions. They cause a little extra battery drain also. The Garmins are too expensive.
  12. It's pretty simple to remember...If you are using your GPS with a compass, then set it to magnetic north, because that's what compasses use. If you are using your GPS with a map, then set it to true north, because that's what maps use. If you are using it without either, then it doesn't make a hill of beans which you use! Hope that helps.
  13. You are not living in a "dead" area...Do not move around while the unit is aquiring...This slows down the process. If you can't get a lock after several minutes stationary, it is probably defective.
  14. Don't worry....The GPSR will be fine. It is also harmless to memory cards. But watch out for high-speed film!
  15. Watch how it slows down your processor speed while turned on! Maps won't re-draw nearly as fast. WAAS sells GPS receivers for the big makers, but does little else for most of us.
  16. I'm reading between the lines here, but is this a bit of a surveillance operation on vehicle movements? I've done a bit of that for someone. It's difficult to hide both the receiver and antenna where the occupant(s) won't see them. Make sure the receiver is set to silent (no beeping allowed!). The antenna must "see" the sky, so placement is problematic. An external entenna that is carfully placed in the rear window deck and covered with some ordinary object that won't look conspicuous works, if the receiver can also be hidden somewhere. Good luck.
  17. Trust me...500 is enough! Trying to search through that many on your GPS will drive you nuts! Just keep them on your computer and call 'em up when ya need them.
  18. Going on memory here...Press and hold the lower left (enter) button(assuming you have it in "horizontal" mode...Bottom right if vertical) to "mark" your waypoint. Then you can edit the coordinates it gives you from there if you need to change the position you marked to a new one (say... a geocache you are about to go find!)
  19. Well, if you only do an occasional waypoint now and then, it is no big deal. But, if you have to create a route, for backpacking or something, then manually creating about 15 or 20 waypoints is a royal pain! Plus, with the cable and waypoint management software, you can send that route onto your computer for storage until next year or whenever you want that route again.
  20. Do not buy an iQue if your primary use will be geocaching or any "off-road" activity. It will do it, but it's not at all designed as an "off-road" or geocaching type unit. However, aside from those exceptions, the iQue is my most favorite GPS unit I have ever owned or used! (and I have owned/used the all...litereally) It is my "go to" unit for traveling, with the optional car kit and a 256 meg. SD card installed. It's simply great!
  21. I duuno if the guy's a genius or a madman!
  22. I have never found clouds, rain or snow to keep me from getting sat. lockup.
  23. If you want an auot-routing GPS & Palm combination, yes...It's worth it! I love it. But, that being said, it's not for geocaching, hiking, hunting and that sort of stuff.
  24. Just a heads up...We will put the garmin Legend on sale the day after Thanksgiving for $109.00 Good price, but the supply will be limited with no rain checks.
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