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  1. Yea I wanted to do the area around Fudds..Since the day before the event is presidents day maybe I could possibly form a group outing? doing 18 caches that day but the problem is finding someone who hasn't done all those caches yet...how could I find that out. but I will definately check that out. Thanks Nik for actually being helpful!!!! Hope to see you soon!
  2. First of all Mr. New York......I don't expect someone to organize a list because I already have a list organized...And there are plenty of cachers that would be happy to pick me up....And if you don't like it DONT REPLY TO THE THREAD IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!! Come on now even a 2 year old would have enough common sense...
  3. I guess noone cares or doesn't want to help....how to you delete a topic? I'll never be in the spotlight
  4. I am 19 caches away from hitting my 200th cache find, I am wondering if any of you crazy central jersey cachers would be willing to take me out on a caching adventure with you because my father (mike380) will not help me with the matter and I would like to make the next Fudds event my 200th cache. Anyone willing to take me along if you are planning to go after alot of caches before the Fudds event? Keep in mind I DO NOT have a car. Laura
  5. I actually agree, my father has a very evil mind, I was standing at that monument for a good 20 minutes with PTBilly scratching my head trying to find it LOL. But I think it may be a 3 point game...Because they said the Giants weren't going to beat Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay but they did that so I think the Giants have a good chance of beating the Pats
  6. I love the idea of a Harry Potter one and you can get a geocoin made up in the shape of a broomstick!! that would be awesome.
  7. Oh ok, and btw I know it's off topic but your Green man lives cache is AMAZING, I was with PBS and TwoCat while they did thier 1000. Thanks for the go ahead!
  8. sorry it got sent twice, just trying to get rid of it twice...
  9. Is this an insult? Are you saying if I place the cache it will get muggled right away because I don't have 1000's of finds or hundreds of hides? Just remember I'm the daughter of the evil person who placed Roosevelt Park 1933 it WONT be a problem...
  10. If you get a chance and are near Cranford (exit 137 off the GSP) there is a great series in a park that has 12 or 13 caches that you can get walking a 2 mile loop of the park. It's Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, I did the series in about 2 hours or so. It's by TwoCat (just search thier profile and do just about any of thiers). And theres also Roosevelt Park in Edison that has an abundance of caches that can keep you busy for hours. I'm sorry that I can't give you any fancy links like Nik did but those are my suggestions if you want to bang out numbers in a short amount of time.
  11. I already took that wager.....so you don't have to worry about it..
  12. Hey all!!! I have a wager going with a New England Patriots fan that if the Giants beat the Patriots he will put out a cache in New England called New York Giants Rock and if the opposite happens I will put out a cache entitled PERFECT PATRIOTS. Now all we need to decide is text for the cache pages....so we need your input guys!!! The loser will post the winners cache page.. Lets hear those ideas Giants fans! Laura
  13. Nik!!! Could it be a possibility that you are going AGAINST!!!!!!!! the Giants!!! Shame Shame Shame!!! J/K
  14. Well my father and I went for a FTF in a Nor Easter and met up with two other cachers and we searched and searched with him and I was getting tooo wet so my father and I abandoned the search and by the time I got home the other cacher had logged it...Oh well if I had stuck around I would have had Co-FTF bragging rights.. It was for this cache Downtown/Main St. USA Scotch Plains, NJ.
  15. I'll be willing to take on that wager!!!! GOOOOO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Congrats to mike380 for hitting 150 at "Mini Me" MicroCachoPhilla II on 1/27/08 CONGRATS DADDY!!!!!
  17. Congrats thanks again for having me along and driving me home I had a great time yesterday.
  18. I'm glad that I WAS THERE for this great milestone congrats again guys
  19. Congrats, Dennis and Joanne, I had a fun time with you guys yesterday! only 19 more and I'll be where you guys are!!
  20. Congrats PK! Hope to see you and TM on the trails soon
  21. Well guys I am going, along with mike380 and my mother....See ya tomorrow
  22. Hey guys!!!!!! I wouldn't miss a celebration for the 1000th cache finds of my caching mentors (TwoCat) and the first cachers I met on the trails (PBS) for the world, I'm still up in the air about how I'm getting there...but I will repost and personally email when I find out more later. Either way I'm going...I can't wait!!!!
  23. CONGRATS DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you didn't find Patricks Pounce then I wouldn't have been able to meet such great friends, lets hit our 200 milestones together!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Congrats!!!!!! and thanks for letting me buy you a beer on Thursday.
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