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  1. I have been caching for 2 and a half years already and my father got me into it. I never had a really strong relationship with my dad until he introduced me to caching and in 3 years I have told my dad things while out caching I NEVER told my mom (and I'm a girl!) we have a stronger bond and greater understanding of each other. I wish caching was around when I was really young but I didn't get into it til I was 23. As for a gps I used 3 in my caching years A bright yellow Garmin Etrex, a Garmin Etrex Legend and Now I cache with a Garmin Etrex CX which is a great GPS. And thank you for bravely and courageously serving our country!!!!!!!
  2. If you guys are thinking about coming out west you should definately drive the extra hour and a half to do some caches in Oglebay Park in Wheeling WV. After you hit the ones you want of course. I live about a mile from Oglebay and the area around it has more caches in it then Roosevelt Park LOL. Just a suggestion though. I hope you both remember meeting me at one of the TTB&B events
  3. I actually know the people that placed the cache and they were questioned for hours on end. But in the end they didn't charge anyone. But I think Law Enforcement Officers should have a better understanding of our sport.
  4. Okay. So I planned the trip to visit my sister in Maine, picking up caches and benchmarks in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Something wrong with that? Vermont on this year's trip! There's nothing wrong with hitting caches, I was just trying to be funny, like what Mark said about the in-law visits.....
  5. isn't this and the 3 million other single threads like it supposed to be in the Milestone congratulations topic, not a separate thread for each cacher that hits a milestone. You can say your congrats there. I do...
  6. I was out on a caching adventure in South Jersey with one of my caching buddies from NJ (I live in WV now but still lived in Jersey at that time) we were about midway through our caching day and it was the last cache before stopping for a bite to eat. He noticed that the area was tick haven so after finding the cache he told me to sign his name for him while he pulled ticks off his dog. I was juggling my gps the cache container and the log was in its own container I was screwing the lid on the log container when it slipped from my hands and fell into a Groundhog hole. I called my buddy over and told him the situation first we tried retrieving the log from the hole but the hole was too deep (I wonder if groundhogs cache? LOL) Lucky for me my buddy had an extra log in his car so I replaced the log and explained it to the owner in a very detailed email and thorough apology and also apologized in my log. I was very emarrassed. There was an event I was attending the Tuesday after the incident (it was on a sunday) Needless to say I was the talk of the event and got some snickers from my fellow cachers.
  7. This article is about a cache that was mistaken for a bomb in Bridgeport, OH http://www.wtrf.com/story.cfm?func=viewsto...p;storyid=36157
  8. I haven't found this IN a cache persay, my father found a fake rubberized human skull on the top of a phone booth outside his local liquor store on Halloween (kinda fitting huh LOL), he hollowed the thing out and put a cache inside it and put the skull in the Y of a tree and covered it with bark. It was meant for a funny "scare" tactic for the local cachers and they all got a kick out of it. here's the cache page http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b0-1f273bc37d31
  9. I don't have a car and it makes caching hard for me, So this was back in Early October of 06 I was still a newbie at that time since I started caching in late August of 06, I was walking from my home to the town my then boyfriend lived to FTF a cache not far from his home (which was a 7 mile walk), I took a shortcut through a park where there were 3 newly placed caches I found the first with no muggle encounters, but the second one there was a woman walking by me as I was trying to retrieve the cache (which was at the base of a tree on a stick) I quickly took out my camera and started snapping pictures I thought I had fooled her since I didn't look to see if she had gone, proceeded to retrieve the cache and sign the log. As I was putting the cache back she asked me if I was a terrorist!!! I looked at her like she had two heads and said no, (I should have mentioned that the area I used to live in at that time was about 20 mins from NYC) so I had no choice to explain what geocaching was. I even showed her how to use the GPS we ended up talking for a good half hour and she said that she wanted to get into it, I gave her a printout that my father encouraged me to carry with me that explained what caching was and had the website on it as well. Another incident happened about 7 months later in May of 07 when I was out with 2 fellow cachers I had met at an event a month earlier, we were searching for a cache hidden on a bus stop in Old Bridge a cop pulls up and asks us if we were ok and we said we were geocaching and suprisingly he heard of it and he then told us where other caches in the area were! I moved to Wheeling, WV in February of 08 and was out last Monday getting a power adaptor for my laptop since my old one went to electronic heaven, and the cache was in the shopping plaza and I forgot my pen so I asked the store manager to borrow a pen and when he questioned why I simply told him that I was geocaching and he said what? so I said it's a scavenger hunt for gps users and I needed to sign my name to prove I was there and he said make sure you bring the pen back when you are done. I returned the pen, I was afraid that the cache might have been muggled by the manager but my fiance and I were at the same shopping plaza the next day (since I just got my fiance into caching) I handed him my gps and told him to look for it while I went to a store nearby and when I came out he told me he couldn't find it so naturally I panicked but all was good because he didn't lift up the skirt on the light post enough and the cache was still there. I've never had any nasty encounters with muggles or police. In my 2 years and 7 months of caching I have ALWAYS told the truth because it's REALLY what works. You never know who you might get interested in the game. I understand about preserving cache sights. But sometimes you also never know who might be watching a cache for a fellow cacher and they might just want to know if you are a geocacher or just someone messing with it.
  10. I would like to nominate Minnie's Many Mini's by TwoCat because my father (mike380) and I spent over 2 weeks searching for stage 2 and also just about ALL of TwoCat's should be on the list. Just to name a few: Wrath of Khan Nano Camo The Searchers Roots of The Problems Little Level
  11. I found one that was an actual water spigot handle it was spring loaded and had a log inside it. I looked for that cache for a good part of an hour and the thing is I had my hand on it about 25 times in that hour and my father told me not to mess with it but I finally didn't listen to him and turned it and sure enough it was the cache. This cache is part of the Downtown/Main St. USA: series started by TwoCat (but although it wasn't one that they put out.
  12. Patting myself on the back for hitting #300 at GC1NKRG Up at the Highlands in Wheeling, WV. Congrats to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Rats! I had about an hour or so to look for it, and after avoiding some muggles and basically crawling around on my hands and knees for a while along WITH my 6yr old daughter we couldn't come up with the cache. I think either the buildings are interfering with the signal or the coordinates are a bit off because where it's telling me to go just simply ISN'T possible - nor stroller accessible! I'll have to return without my daughter to look for bit more, we had to leave empty-handed tohave time to make dinner and get to her karate graduation tonight. Oh well...sneaky one I guess. EDIT - ARGH! Thanks Mike...I'll make another attempt in the coming days. FTF to the daughter huh, after incorrect coords posted? It's a conspiracy I tell ya! I was framed! - I'll get back to it soon. This cacher wrote about ME! FTFing my father's cache (which I had NO idea where it was placed and had the incorrect coords. I found the thing walking back to the car.)
  14. As a new implant in Wheeling, WV (I live about 5 miles from said suburb) I found myself wondering why there wasn't any caches in the Bethlehem Area, then a newfound caching friend (cainrcc) was taking me on a caching "tour" of some sorts and he explained the whole situation to me and he said all the area cachers refuse to do business in the Bethlehem Area, which means boycotting the gas stations, stores, restaurants and the like, I being new in the area will join them in the boycott, I love caching and think people put too much of a fuss over it, if it was publicized more positively in the news (unlike how the local tv stations treated the recent "bomb scare" which was actually a cache in Bridgeport) I think more people will become aware that geocachers are people that hide tupperware in the woods but also trying to help the enviornment with our CITO events on earth day. I personally will NOT EVER step foot (or vehicle) into Bethlehem
  15. I'm just going to pat myself on the back for hitting my 200th find at Groundhog Day by NIGHTOWLS01 in Elm Grove, WV on 3/21/08 what a Good Friday that was!!!! Congrats to me
  16. Congrats!!!! You sure are a caching machine!!!
  17. Welcome to this crazy addictive sport LOL. If you want to meet new people I highly suggest that you go to an event in your area so you can meet other cachers and usually they are a very nice group of people willing to help out a newbie! Also you can join a caching group, I believe that PA has several...Good luck!
  18. The hudson county caches I have are going to be adopted by my father..I just need my union county caches adopted out. I am leaving on Monday or Tuesday but will have internet access. I'm sorry I don't put more info into the post I tend to do that...LOL. Here are all the caches that I need to have adopted out Batter Up!!!!!!- GCY4PB Assembly Plant Blues Part II- GC15XEY Tiny Often Empty Park: Highland Park, NJ- GCZZ6C Everywhere You Look- GC10X3B
  19. I'm going to be moving to Wheeling, WV and I wont be able to maintain my caches anymore so if you are interested plz contact me through my profile Thanks in advance!! I'm gonna miss all my crazy Jersey friends!!! Laura
  20. Well I hope you are ready to place that giants cache!!!!! 17-14 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. ....you find yourself looking FOWARD to trips to family's houses hitting caches along the way
  22. I do agree I was a bit harsh..And I would just like to have people present for maybe a group thing presidents day Maybe the watchung reservation? I can get a ride there if necessary (sp?) Any more ideas?
  23. I think so too but I think if a cache in NE comes out called New York Giants Rock it will peeve off most NE fans....Just as a cache in the NY/NJ area called Perfect Patriots would make ANY Giants fan want to throw it as far as possible....There is another thread that I started about the text of the cache page check that out... Laura
  24. Congrats!!!! Very Impressive!! I'll probably be 70 before I find that many
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