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  1. I am very glad to hear that there will be more of these. I admire these coins as fair art, quite different from the 95% cartoonish junk I see. Thank you.
  2. What is the price? Did I miss it?? Thanks.
  3. It really doesn't matter what sellers charge for shipping from the buyer's point of view. A bidder will be willing to pay, say, $10 for a geocoin -- Whether $8 for the coin and $2 shipping, or $6 for the coin and $4 shipping. I offer free shipping because of the psychological advantage of those looking for a deal. But in reality, if you compare completed auctions for the same item you will see that buyers take that into account and subtract from the bid. It DOES matter to eBxx what sellers charge for shipping, and hence the recent mandates about stating shipping charges in all auctions. Ebxx cannot charge commission on the shipping/handling, and that is why many sellers skew that number to sometimes a laughable number. If I sold that $10 geocoin for $.01 bid and $9.99 shipping, to avoid paying Ebxx and Payxxx fees, ... well, thay are ALL over that. Decide what you want to pay and build the shipping into that price. Those sellers are trying to rob someone, but not you. Tracy
  4. Ooooh -- I think we are going to jump to 2nd place. tasaint Four Corners coin was picked up to go to Germany today! Unlikely to catch the 11000 mile run though -- A good day for us! T
  5. No information. Maybe post a note on the event page and see if someone has it and just forgot to place it. It has discovery logs so it was their at one point. Maybe of of them has it? Hey, I know how those things go. Been around the block. I REALLY appreciated your getting them there and prepping them, Shilo. 140-some, sheesh. And keeping track of the numbers from here on... They will show up or they won't. That's how it all works, and there is no hand wringing here. We're cheering the other ones on!!! T
  6. One of mine never left the event. Any information on that? **OR** is there a special prize for that? (Winningest coin/Losingest coin awards) Tasaint
  7. Any way I could get a couple??? Thanks -- Tracy
  8. We are sending four racers. We would like them drilled and have the works attached. We are sending them today, 2nd day mail for a Friday delivery -- Tracy
  9. I would buy a couple of this coin. My daughter has autism and does not speak; she only uses (limited) ASL. Written English is standard whether you use ASL as your primary mode of communication or not. It is much harder -- like learning a second language -- for deaf people to learn the contextual rules of standard written English, so give him a break. Good luck! T
  10. Hope it isn't too late for a gold. My sprained ankle story is here -- Caching in at Hawk's Nest Last Fall How can I order?? T
  11. We acquired an Eagle Scout geocoin for our neighbor's son and gave it to him for his Eagle Scout ceremony (along with $$$). Maybe he'll become a cacher one day. T
  12. How will you know if he's shill bidding? Most people have a neighbor or a relative do it. You would have to be really stupid to use your seller account. On the other hand, you would have to be really stupid to use your sand molding equipment out in the picture background and use your geocaching e-mail as your eBay name. T
  13. Methinks that wouldn't be a problem. These have muggle-bait written all over them. I don't think they would make more than I few cache trips before someone helped themselves. I'm worried about activating & carrying them around to events. I'm kind of casual -- throw them in the backpack. Guess not, with these. Ordered a set -- how could I not? But I'll have to dump stuff on the place to make up the cost. I'm in dutch already. T
  14. tasaint

    Fake Coins

    I think for most coin varieties the cost/benefit wouldn't be there. Would a counterfeiter put a generic "PC*" tracking number on it that was legit? Or do they just assume no one would activate it? Or is this for nontrackable valuables? I don't see it. T
  15. Here's an idea -- hold onto the rest for a few days until the roads clear. You can certainly hold onto mine. I live near Chicago and we hold still pretty much in deep snow until the trucks come round. Thereare entire states in the south that close down when it snows. Don't try to drive with a broken arm. Don't take a chance. We like coins but we love you!!! T
  16. You actually have it? I didnt think it was available yet... I do have it in hand and I am more than happy with its quality for the price. The pictures do not do it justice. I am disappointed it is sold out. It has embedded vibrant color with the look of cloisonne. Very well done. I am happy to pay the price for this coin set with moving parts by the same designer. I'm sure they must cost more to produce. Tracy -- (no connection to seller)
  17. tasaint


    The astrolabe coins are beautiful and well worth ordering. My question -- who has released them and how long did they last in the wild??? Am thinking about taking the plunge. Daughter wants to, I say they last 2 days. T
  18. I think the coins it would work worst on -- or would BREAK -- would be the mechanical geocoins with moving parts like the magic geocoin (you know, like magic eight-ball) or the spinning GPS thingy. I don't think you could warn everybody NOT to mark those -- but who sees those specialties in the wild, anyway? I think once people let theirs go in the wild, they don't really care much. The ones they hold near and dear stay at home and get to visit events, or get sent out as copies. Worse things happen in the wild than a chop mark. T
  19. Now that I have in hand and see the quality of the Taiwan coin, I am glad I ordered a set. The Taiwan cloisonne effect is beautiful -- stunning. T
  20. Did you happen to hear anything? I know NOTHING happens over the holidays, but did they talk with you? Thanks. T
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