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  1. Once again, a million thanks Graham
  2. That works great Thanks... I was playing around with the POI editor and I can't understand the format required to enter the positions ... How do you get the editor to accept N 43' 18.138 W 080' 21.175 It keeps telling me "incorrect number". Thanks for putting up with my newbyness! Graham The only way to do that (without using the POI editor and uploading a .mgln file) is to add the waypoints in outdoor mode then go to Vehicle nav move and do the following: 1) Select "Enter Address" 2) Select "My Addresses" 3) Select "Address Book" 4) Select "List Waypoints" 5) Select the waypoint that you want to route to 6) Select "Save" Now that waypoint will exist in your address book. Go back to your Address Book and select "List All". That waypoint is now in that list and selectable for routing. I know it's not easy, but it's the only "workaround" I can think of. JetSkier
  3. Real newb here! On the crossover vehicle mode ... How can I set the address to a Long/Lat value as listed on the caching sheets to get me close to the cache by driving turn by turn? I can use Long/Lat in outdoor mode but it doesn't take me on the streets... only as the crow flys. I thought it would be real easy to set my points of interest as the geocaches and then route to them with the intention of using my explorist 500 to take me on foot the final way but I can't figure out how to enter coordinates in the vehicle mode
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