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  1. anyone have a broken Oregon 450 or 450t? I have one and a back casing had battery acid leak on battery contacts, looking to get a broken one for parts, what do you have? or where can I find just the battery compartment part of casing?
  2. I'll upload Topo Maps for any area where you desire in the US for FREE. Usually it will hold 4 or 5 states in internal memory. You let me know. Both units are still available!!
  3. this is like new with box and all original accessories, I have 2 of them for sale, I accept PayPal and will ship for $5 using USPS
  4. All units are gone. Hope everyone enjoys them. I know I will, I kept 2 for myself. If you got one please post leave feedback for the transaction. Happy Hunting Everyone!!
  5. here is a link for each unit, the 400t is discontinued the comparison is set up is for the 450t and 400t http://www.gpscity.com/compare/null&oreg450t&oreg400t
  6. i do have 3 left, they are listed on ebay if you want one i can pull it off of ebay i'm sending you an email Do you have any oregons left? I'm very interested in one.
  7. HP Ipaq for paperless Caching this unit is in very very good shape i bought this for a backup but never used it it comes with the charger and usb cable i don't know much about using a Pocket PC so you will need to do a little research on what you will need i'm guessing cachemate will work just fine you will also need a premium membership to geocaching.com email me for pics because i can't figure out how to post a pic $35 and i'll pay for shipping
  8. i have a Palm VX with charging/synch stand in very very good condition i used it until recently when i got a new GPS This will allow you to go paperless you can transfer your cache info then refer to this for description, notes, hints, previous logs i'll include an extra unit that has a broken screen but is in excellent condition, this unit just had a new battery put in it you could use the broken one for parts or just take out the battery and use it in the good unit you will need something like cachemate to use the palm pilot you will also need a seperate GPS unit (the palm doesn't have a GPS built in) email me for pics because i can't figure out how to post a pic $25 and i'll pay shipping
  9. still 285 for gps which includes shipping i called today and i don't think you will be able to beat this price for a long time none of the websites from what i've been told can do it lower i only have about 5 left then i'm done you can look all you want and if you can beat my price let me know so i can buy some more to sell, haha and if you bought one from me please post up here to let people know i'm legit thanks guys and gals and happy caching
  10. glad you like it, i got one too and love it I have a few left if anyone else is interested Let me know.
  11. i still have a couple of these available let me know if interested thanks
  12. i have a Oregon 450 New in the Box i just need to sell asking $280 + $5 to ship by USPS Priority i checked and these are selling for: Walmart.com - $344 tigergps.com - $379 gpscity.com - $339 i will accept paypal only Thanks djstretch
  13. Wow, this seems like a great price for the Oregon 450 $229 I started with a Vista C then last Christmas got a 60csx i'm very tempted to order one because of the paperless aspect and large touchscreen i already have Geocache Navigator on my Blackberry and prior to that used a Palm Pilot so i'm familiar with paperless can anyone convince me whether i should jump on this deal or just hold off? thanks
  14. i just figured it out i did a search on my C drive and a .pdb showed up that said gmapsupp/install.pdb i just deleted it and now it works like it should hopefully this will help others out in the future thanks
  15. then it doesn't send the files for the caches i've never seen the gmapsupp when doing this before when i look at the palmone quick install the only thing listed is the .pdb data file i created in cachemate i don't see where i can disable the gmapsupp what is this and how can i not send this to the palm Thanks
  16. i've tried but just can't figure this out i attach the unit to MapSource and read from GPS it shows all the maps but i can't figure out how to delete them to free up some memory thanks for any help
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