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    I heard about geocaching on the late afternoon round up from the regions on the National Programme, one afternoon as I was driving home. I looked it up on the web and thought no more about it until a few weeks later when we were driving to Dunedin for a few days with no plans in mind! Just half an hour before leaving I decided to look up the site again and printed off reams of paper as we rushed to give out. We had no equipment, just the pieces of paper. Our first find was Ophihi River - we were hooked immediately. We just went from cache to cache over the next 3 days - they were all hidden by Donovan and we were impressed with his skills! However on the 3rd day we decided we needed a proper map and maybe a compass but we actually came away with our own GPS as well! We've been going just over 3 weeks now and have found 21 and hidden 6. We love it and have ideas for hiding caches all over the place - just need the time to do it all. We will be hiding more so keep watching! Sallies
  2. The map is terrific. Thanks Nandor. We will find that very useful. Iris Sallies
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