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  1. I've always found when "hosting" events that someone will turn up. We are on holiday in a couple of weeks and are hosting an event whilst away. 5 people have logged to say they are coming - we may even be bringing Mrs B's TB back with us (if we can figure out how to fit it in the suitcase). Bite the bullet and set it up (I would come - but the London one is nearer, although oddly I'll be at the event you mention as we happen to be that way visiting friends that weekend). LinseyG
  2. Just a plug for the book - I'm really enjoying it - I have this mental image of dr & lady solly walking around the countryside with a rucksack the size of a van with the amount of rope and detection equipment they take with them. I'm about 7% of the way through. Oh - and the blog is good too :-)
  3. There's not many near olympia (where your conference is), you should be able to get the district line into town though. The Sherlock series is quite good if you want something "interesting". If you like different kinds of cache http://coord.info/GC16Y72 http://coord.info/GC2NMXM http://coord.info/GC2KMWQ Are all "different" kinds of cache. If you want density - there's quite a lot around Westminster and Trafalgar Sq - London itself is mostly fairly well populated. I'm sure other London based folk will be along to share their wisdom ;-) Have fun and enjoy your trip - shame your not here for Goldpots event. LinseyG
  4. Hi Theodor, London is a fairly big place, but it's easy to get around (don't forget it's quite often quicker to walk than it is to get the underground as things are Without knowing roughly where your staying - you could look for caches around where you are staying (looking for favourite points is often a good indication). If you happen to be in town on the 19th then Goldpots world famous monthly event is on (http://coord.info/GC39EM4) and you would be more than welcome. If you let us know roughly what area of London you are staying in we can probably recommend a few "must do" caches. LinseyG
  5. Good luck - your efforts at Tower 42 (and how relaxed you looked afterwards) were most impressive. Linsey.
  6. Yes Yes No (but we did give him the money to replace it) No ! But then we do know the owner of the cache we "broke" and it's a good one - caching karma and all that ;-) LinseyG
  7. You must have very cheap boots ! Buy the tickets far enough in advance and it's usually under £20 (or at least it was a year or so ago when I was coming up a lot).
  8. Probably not the longest by todays "standards" but the Chiltern 100 is very well done (http://www.chilternhundred.drsolly.com/) - the challenge is to do the whole thing in a day (at least that's how we did it - far too easy otherwise ;-0) LinseyG
  9. In terms of distance - we walked 23.5 miles when we did it last year - definitely good fun and a really well thought out set of caches - we had a great time. LinseyG
  10. Speak for yourself - I cycled 20 miles to go and get MR4 Tuesday night ! (although t be fair - Sunday was a bit of a write off). LinseyG
  11. Droive outa Brizzle an turn left, innit. Thats Swindon ?
  12. Thanks for the suggestions - alas by the time luggage had been collected and car retrieved I was too nackered to do anything but drive home. Still - got quite a few in Canada. Cheers Lins
  13. I once asked a couple of youths who were snogging on a bench to move out of the way so I could read the plaque that they were covering up. Which they kindly did - only for me to find that there wasn't a plaque on the bench ! Lins
  14. Should have said - did the reading one on the way up ;-) GC189VC looks quite good though - the nearer to Heathrow the better I guess as it's going to start getting dark (but I do have my headtorch with me !). Cheers Lins
  15. Hi All, I'm currently due to fly back to Heathrow on Saturday - landing at about 21:30. I'm due to have done 15 days straight caching by then, and I think I can continue it when I get back (there's a load of really close to home ones come out in the last month or so). Soooo - I need a cache I can do as I drive back down the M4 from Heathrow to Bristol (well J18 of the M4 - which I've already done) - flight is so early in the morning to do one out here in Canada. Any suggestions - I guess from my perspective I need something a) Quick do-able in the dark c) Not going to delay my journey too much. Cheers Lins
  16. Firefox all the way - but then I use a mixture of Linux and Windows at home (mainly Linux, windows for CV's and GSAK). I've had a dabble with Safari, but Firefox still has the edge for me. I suspect most people are lazy - Windows comes with IE, so that's what they use. Lins
  17. Wildcat when it was around. Puzzle to get there - specialist equipment to get to the cache. Shame it went as it was probably my favourite cache so far. Lins
  18. We are currently planning a drive around parts of Canada. I've created a bookmark for each place we are stopping in, and we would find it very useful if you could plot all the caches in your bookmark on a map (I know I can run a PQ and do it from there, but it would be so much easier to just click a single button). MTIA Linsey & Lorraine
  19. Thanks for the quick response - must admit I'm quite disappointed - I would have thought it would be a bit more joined up than that :-( My fault for not checking the dates I suppose - now going to have to have a rethink as I don't want to leave the car full of all our camping gear sat in the middle of Western for the day - that would be asking for trouble ! Any idea why the mega is not on the Saturday - I would have thought that more people could have made the Saturday ? Cheers Linsey & Lorraine
  20. Having booked into the Mega and Camping mega a while ago - it's just dawned on me that the Mega event itself is on the Sunday not the Saturday as my brain has remembered it. According to the recommended camp site instructions we have to vacate our pitch by 11am on the Sunday ? Have there been any arrangements made for a late checkout - if the Mega starts at 10am, I reckon that gives us precisely 5 minutes before we have to be back at camp to pack it up ! Or am I missing something obvious ? Linsey & Lorraine
  21. Devises on Friday as we had solved a puzzle round that way. Bath on Saturday (as we needed some other stuff). Bristol curio hunting on Sunday (found loads of curio's - just no boxes !). Monday we walked a circular walk we are planning. We reckon we walked about 20 miles - no idea on the number of caches
  22. 13.3 Miles including finds, 16.6 not including. Also have the Curios in that - hopefully hitting some of them today :-)
  23. The thing that worries me is that someone is obviously worried about being lambasted for putting out a circular walk that they feel they have to do it anonymously ! So what if sizes are not listed - for us as long as there's at least a couple of reasonably sized containers on the walk I don't mind - it's more for the walk than anything else to us. Lins
  24. Having just done a load of circular walks over in Norfolk - Lorraine and I were discussing this as we were walking. Most of them were a mix of micro and full size - which worked for us. There were a couple of "proper" caches on the circuit to drop bugs and things in, The way they had been laid out was really nice as the micro's were all at points where the trail changed direction. Just our 2p.
  25. Surely it would be a CIRO (Cache in Rubbish Out) being British
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