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  1. Right, I wouldn't think it's very hard to add but then again I'm not a programmer. They seemed pretty receptive of the suggestion and said that they had even learned something. Humble and nice cats. They said that they wouldn't want me to end up at my destination only to find out the the automatic setting didn't work, but unfortunately couldn't confirm either way that it would or wouldn't. I appreciate the honesty.
  2. Without downloading it, those look like vectorized rasters in IMG format, using Moagu to vectorize the rasters. Oh, well I image it won't be long. They have a thread going in their forum with some cool images on the subject. looks like they are using Global Mapper as a front end to Google Earth.
  3. http://gpsfiledepot.com ? I was thinking about this last night. I can't imagine it's going to take long for folks to want to share USGS topos and aerial photos for some national parks, etc. Looks like they already have some posted:http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/view/143/
  4. I just spoke with customer service, the wait time was pretty fast, and after checking with tech support it couldn't be confirmed that automatic would get the zone. The good news is that they were willing to look into adding a user offset setting, especially when we discussed the Newfoundland time zone. Thanks EScout but I know about Zulu (UTC) being used as such, but I'm looking for the unit to display the local zone that is between Delta (UTC+4) and Echo (UTC+5), something even my old Garmin has been able to do for years.
  5. I would hate to find myself on the other side of the planet and find out that the automatic setting didn't take the zones not listed on their menu, how can I verify it to work before I leave?
  6. That won't make the unit popular in Newfoundland, Canada. Looks like it's also missing UTC+13 & UTC+14 zones? Why wouldn't they just have a user offset and avoid the issue in the first place? Seems like an easy fix for global coverage. Any GPS should be able to display a 4D fix of Lat/Long/Elev/time
  7. That would explain why I couldn't create a user account last night and post over there. I have been reading their forum for about a month and have never seen anything like that. I would rather not have to go through the trouble to take it back.
  8. Well, I tried to get help over at DeLorme's forum and was greeted with this: DeLorme User Forum
  9. If you can afford it, spend a little more and get a Venture HC
  10. Well I can set it to MGRS all right, and have all the raster 1m imagery, topos and vector data I will need, so that's not an issue. They do have my time zone (PDT), but I'm headed into harms way in 8 days and should at least be able to set the local time??? Hopefully the D crew will have a solution.
  11. I'm going to need better news than that to keep the unit
  12. Am I missing something or are there only hour offsets offered (+/-12 hours)? Trying to configure one for UTC+4:30 and can't figure it out Any help welcomed. TIA. thread title should be "Timezones on PN-40?, UTC offset?". Dag nab typo! Maybe a mod can edit that? Title edited as requested. -Hemlock Thanks Hemlock!
  13. You will need more than a GPS software downloaded to your computer, you will also need to purchase the hardware to receive the GPS signal and convert that to something your computer can use. See the post above this one for some low cost choices.
  14. A tutorial for loading maps with MapSource or MapInstall is here:http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-...armin-gps-unit/
  15. one with an internal electronic compass will point to your destination while stopped, one without needs to be moving to work. I generally do a map check while stopped, not on the move.
  16. Well, it's been recomended that I look into getting one of these, so... Let me ask you this: Wouldn't it be prudent that I did research the product and did the homework before a purchase or should I just blindly drink the koolaid on faith and jump in? And then what it it doesn't live up the the expectations presented? I use GPS units for some serious situations, I'd rather know that a piece of kit I was relying on wasn't going to fail in the field. Just saying...
  17. This might be a better link for you:http://www8.garmin.com/macosx/
  18. Thanks JDiablo, that works It also doesn't show the coordinates of the pointer when doing this. I think you need to play with it a little more, my GPSMAP 76CSx does indeed display the coordinates of the pointer, and will even demo a driving turn-by-turn route. Won't record a simulated tracklog, but hey it does work quite well.
  19. MS Paint is simple enough. Ok, then please explain how I can draw a checkerboard. Thank you. One thing you can do instantly is right click on the images rws posted and do a "save as..." and download them and use them as a template to make others from. Just saying...
  20. This person is using the geomate.jr as a sub for "cache along a route"
  21. Glad to hear that it's working for you now. Thanks for adding the reset procedure, I'm sure that will help someone out down the line.
  22. Hi Jon, any luck? Generally, weather doesn't have an effect on reception (I say generally because I have personally seen the effects where a shamal that degraded reception). I believe I read somewhere that some nuvi units have a reset button (well a hole that one uses a toothpick or a paperclip with). Good luck.
  23. I haven't found a way, on my Venture Cx, to change the current location when in "Use With GPS Off" mode. On my Nuvi 750, when in "GPS Simulator" mode, there's a "Set Loc" button available whenever you use "Show Map" on a desired "Where To?" location. This changes your current location. Is there a way to do this with the Vista/Venture/Legend handheld series, when the GPS is off? Those units will do it. After setting 'Use with GPS off' you can set a new location from the sat skyview menu and pressing the menu button, and selecting 'use map' and scroll to a new location. When you navigate, the unit asked if you want to simulate the driving route. Play around with that and see if you need a step-by-step lesson, works quite well.
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