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  1. any update on this ? getting ready for a road trip tonight and still getting the error
  2. I like to hide caches under trees. Then hide in the trees and when people come to find the cache, jump down on then and say hi want to go caching with me.
  3. I would break the camera so that's me out. But I did post a link on the Maryland geocaching website
  4. I found it and asked the same question, all I have got so far is My link
  5. Hey Greedfeed, you new to geocaching or just the area? I am in Silver springs as well. Any way I will list a couple of caches that have a few other caches around them. Also there is the Maryland Geocaching Society Summer Picnic 2011 tomorrow, http://coord.info/GC2PXX8. http://coord.info/GC15MJF,http://coord.info/GCYFGV, http://coord.info/GCA590. Last but not least there is a series by GVT1985 called the Alphabet series http://coord.info/GC1KG1B. Most of the series has about 4-5 caches in each park. ZigZag
  6. May be a dumb question but have you checked with your credit card company to see if you have rental car insurance on your credit card?
  7. well as your a premium member you could use Google earth and the Google earth geocache viewer to find some caches. you could also use the pq feature to find caches along the route. If you know where you are going to end up Google Earth Route Hope that helps
  8. You could also post a note on the cache page, asking for people to check on it and move it
  9. there is the Maryland geocaching group, that would cover DC. Link My link
  10. picked it up and will move it along next weekend
  11. Its about 10 miles for me, I will try and swing by tomorrow and have a look
  12. Your profile-your account details and then down at the bottom there is a box with Your Preferences. There probable is a easier way, but that should work
  13. You could look for an event and post on the page asking some one to bring a usb cable. Or if your staying at a hotel you could ask if they have one. Last time I was out of town I did that instead of finding a best buy.
  14. I am doing this series right know and am enjoying it Chache-ingGo .Reason I like all kinds of hides, in some great spots that I would never have found out about other wise
  15. I don't know what a coin bezel holder is. I went to a coin shop today and saw what i was told were "Coin Slabs". I think I am going to use those. Below is a picture of what I am talking about. Coin Bezel holder
  16. what about using a coin bezel holder? you could then encase the coins in a clear resin with just the ring sticking out
  17. what version of garmin gps?
  18. Its not a distance issue is it? not sure about your gps but depending on how I have mine set up it only shows close caches( and looking at those two caches looks like there far away from each other). Can you search by name?
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