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  1. We had event in our area that was similar to what you described: KAG - Time to Spare (GC1M02T). It was very well attended and a lot of fun! --SG
  2. I am using a Nuvi 760 and it is works very well. It doesn't necessarily know the "best" way to get to a cache, but certainly tries to get you close. If you use GSAK, then there are two macros you should really check out. They load your caches as POIs and even include the cache descriptions, hints and logs into the Nuvi. They even do custom geocaching icons. http://geocaching.totaltechworld.com/index.html (great information about using POIs for caching on this page. I recommend reading this one first) http://sites.google.com/site/jjreds012/download This macro has more features (which makes it a little more complex to use) and the page has much less detail than the site above. --SG
  3. Droo, I'm not in charge of the shipping so don't shoot the messenger! Send an email to coin@kingstongeocaching.com, and Skottikus can give you a better answer on the shipping to the US. --SG
  4. The Kingston Area Geocachers are pleased to announce their first geocoin! Thanks to the input from a good cross-section of KAG and to the talent of Landsharkz, three beautiful coins commemorating geocaching in the Kingston Area are available to preorder. The front face of the coin features the Kingston Area Geocaching logo in striking 3D. The reverse face of the coin showcases a fantastic 2D rendering of one of our most iconic Kingston sites, a resplendant Martello Tower. The Standard coin has been crafted in Brushed Black Nickel. A second coin is presented in a special dual finish; one side is in Brushed Black Nickel and the other side is in Antique Silver. Finally, a Limited Edition coin comes in Antique Bronze. If you select the five coin bundle, we will substitute one of these Limited Edition coins for the 5th one. It will come with a custom icon (that is yet to be finalized.) Ordering details are available at http://www.kingstongeocaching.com/coin. Pre-orders are being accepted until November 21, 2009.
  5. Ottawa's method (for GAG) had publication of the caches held until two days prior to time the cache hunt was to start. I don't think that proves that publishing caches 10+ days before the event would be equivalent. It is apparent that the organizers of such cache hunts desire that the publication of these caches be held to a time close to the date, otherwise they wouldn't request it. I can only attest to my rationale for requesting this for the hunt I organized for our community three years ago. My reasons were as outlined in post #19 above. The question is not whether the reasons are true, but rather if they are sufficiently compelling to justify the workload it confers on the Reviewers. It would appear that the case has not been made convincingly.
  6. This would be my reason for holding off publication of caches for events like GAG, KACHE, etc. Even when you know that the FTF is gone, there is something about going and getting the new caches--and wondering who you might run into while on the hunt, since it is highly likely you will! We appreciate that this type of mass cache publication is a lot of work for reviewers (and let me give a huge thank you to CacheMinder from the Kingston community for the recent work on KACHE 2. I don't think anyone would have anticipated that there was 116 new caches placed--that was truly above and beyond!). It was clearly well appreciated in our community--with over 100 people attending the after-caching event, and with many more out on the hunt during the day.
  7. Thanks for starting up this discussion--as someone who set up an event like this a couple of years ago, I was very appreciative of the willingness of the reviewers to have it work. You raise some very valid points, and I know many would be happy to do anything to make it easier on the reviewers. I am not sure I fully understand this solution, as I think you left out the part of when in this process the cache description is submitted for review. I am assuming that the Event Coordinator needs to be very familiar with the already existing caches in the area (particularly multis and puzzles) in addition to having the coordinates of proposed new caches in order to make the proximity judgments. Once the coordinator thinks it's OK, do they then submit it for review? Or can you adopt the cache back out to the original cache owner even before it has been published? (I can't say that I have ever tried to do that!) Certainly for our events that have caches to be released as part of it, there is usually someone in charge of collecting all the GC numbers to keep a running tally of the caches being submitted. This would not be a difficult step for that person to implement. --SG
  8. I highly recommend GCzII which you can get here: http://www.nicque.com/PQz/GCz.htm It is free, and is updated very regularly. It actually connects to the GC site and downloads the cache data, so keep that in mind. However, if you don't want to use your cellular data connection, it can import GPX files (from something like GSAK) and it can store caches that you have already downloaded. (Though I have never used it in this manner.) Its power is in the ability to get the cache infomation in real time. I used to use CacheMate/GSAK on my phone, but since I have unlimited data I don't worry about using the Internet. I prefer this much more than using CacheMate. If you do use this program, I highly recommend also installing "AppToDate" (available here: http://www.modaco.com/content/apptodate/26...-applications/) This program can check for updates of supported programs (GCzII is one of them) and install them. As GCzII is updated frequently, this tool has been very useful to me. BTW, which WinMo phone did you get? I'm using the HTC Touch here, but am lusting after the Touch Pro 2. --SG
  9. Thanks for the heads up on that Landsharkz. I might send him a message too when I plan to be in Trenton again. I have a ton of caches still to do there... ;-)
  10. Nunaki, I don't know if there are any formal groups in Trenton, but there certainly are some keen geocachers there. I am in Kingston, and we have an informal group--Kingston Area Geocachers--and we are known to head over to Belleville and Trenton area for caching. Check us out at kingstongeocaching.com There are a few Trenton area cachers who frequent our forum. Cheers, --SG
  11. Ragged Falls (GCH3B3) was a great little side trip off of Highway 60. A spot that I would never have visited, if not for geocaching. Well worth the trip... One of our favourite trails in Algonquin Park, Track and Tower, had a geocache on it. Unfortunately, it was archived last year I will watch this thread with interest. We are heading up to the Park at the end of July, and I might want to do some caching when we make a trip into Huntsville.
  12. "Blame it on the rain" Milli Vanilli (though we don't know who really sang it!)
  13. This looks great! Will you post ordering details here?
  14. I think you forgot this picture of Mr. Landsharkz....
  15. I may live to regret this, but since I was willing to pose for this picture for a then it isn't so far-fetched to post it again in the hopes of a very cool coin. Straight from my log at GC1AQTF:
  16. Thanks for posting this northernpenguin! I had the Wherigo Player set up (and working) on my Telus HTC Touch for some time now. However, when I tried to help my friend with the Bell version of the Touch, we got stuck on the hanging screen. After many futile attempts of installing various versions of .NET, your suggestion is what got it work. I had completely forgotten about that step when I set mine up. I have never had luck on either of my HTC phones (the Touch, and previously the Apache) with autoGPS detection working successfully.
  17. I was glad to grab one just under the wire too... We have a new geo-puppy in our family (after my previous Geodog died a year ago) and had wanted a new coin for him. The timing was perfect, and so I really appreciate the opportunity to get one. If they are that heavy, might have to wait a little before putting it on his collar!
  18. Deleted...figured it out. Finally.... Cheers, B.
  19. Just curious if anyone knows whether this has been fixed yet or not. If not, is it worth sending another email to Garmin?
  20. Just upgraded to 4.8 and get the file invalid error:
  21. I can confirm the same problem with child waypoints. They are correctly loaded into GSAK (as shown below) but they are showing up as duplicates of the original cache, and not "Child of..." It's a great macro, and I really appreciate all the work (and the features you keep adding on!) --B.
  22. I just noticed this too with my 760--however, I am not sure it is random. It seems to happen with caches that have child waypoints. However, I can't tell which ones are the children as they all have the same co-ordinates. How does this macro support child waypoints?
  23. I am not aware of any in the Kingston Area as of yet, but do keep us posted. I am sure a lot of the cachers around here would be very interested. Feel free to post details on the KAG forum
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