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  1. Yes, it seems to be working now, which makes me very happy! In may case, the problem was I was creating links to give to other people. So I couldn't control which version of maps they were using. So I couldn't be sure my links would work for all recipients. But it seems to be in order now.
  2. You probably will need to check with Google. Your coordinate was not that far from the address, so I tried it with one locally where the difference was about .1 mile. As you read earlier in the thread, prepending loc: to the coordinates works in the search box. However I could not get it to work in the url. I tried quotes and various locations for the loc:, all without success. I did notice that the classic maps accept the loc: prefix, but that is of little value if you can't pass it via the url. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I couldn't get the "loc:" to work in the url. It kept getting stripped. I tried replacing the ":" with "%3A", but it still got stripped. As my job involves pinpointing tax lots, I really need it to give exact results to avoid any confusion as to which lot is being discussed. When you say "check with Google", could you give me some advice on how that is done? Thanks again.
  3. Could someone help me out on this subject? I have a database where I enter the Lat/Long coordinates into fields, then I have a script that creates a Google Maps url that can be emailed to people. For example, if I enter 45.44961 and -122.55816, my script will create this url: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=45.44961+-122.55816&t=h&z=17 This url works great in Google Maps Classic, but when it's opened in the new beta version, it gives the nearest address, as the original poster brought up. My problem is some of my recipients are using the classic version, and others are using the new version. Is there a url formation that would work in both versions of Google Maps, where, when clicked, will pinpoint the exact geo location (and not the nearest address)?
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