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  1. Yes, these sixpacks. I'll order 2 for myself + a few of larger individual cans. I'll order them in a week or so and email Squealy and eventual other interested cachers my address and phone #. Pickup until middle June.
  2. We are going to move back to Europe in June and as we will be shipping some stuff, I thought about packing in some ammo cans from cheaperthandirt.com (they are hard to get there). When I was checking cheaperthandirt's policies, I saw they charge you the same shipping regardless of the order size+weight (probably to some limit). If anybody wants to buy a small number of them (the price based on 6-pack) and pick them up in Garwood, NJ, let me know in this thread or by e-mail (I don't check PM so often).
  3. Come on, the NY/NJ Gung-Ho awards were always given monthly (remember Mike Riccabono / The Curse of Suburban Jungle?), it would be boring to have just one geocacher per year getting all the fame. And geocaching is not just about the hiked mileage, I personally avoid mean micros, puzzle multis, or elaborate hides (never found a single Magoo's cache), so you have to find another winner in these categories. Brian: my wife says that the NJ public transport system is crazy, so it takes a crazy person to understand it. Avroair: no problem with Verona Pk North, I didn't come there just for that one cache (found 5 others on that hike).
  4. Thanks :-) Is there a special category "caching without a car"? Something like "caching without a GPS" (WaldenRun) or "caching without clothes" (NudeCacher).
  5. I hope this paranoia doesn't apply to pipelines/powerlines in well established hiking areas (like this Pipeline Cache)
  6. [...] Cell phones only talk to one tower at a time, then handoff when you get closer to another one. But they are aware of the other stations and the strength of signal from them, so it could be possible to do some triangulation? It would be cool to use a cellphone as a GPS replacement.
  7. Backpacking & caching here. Our favorite area for backpacking trips is Harriman State Park, NY - now with brian b's "Shelters of Harriman" series it gets a new twist: you hike to a shelter, put your backpack down, head out to get water and some wood for a fire and by the way, find a cache But honestly, most of my finds are at solo day hikes, followed by family day hikes.
  8. Congrats and thanks for rehiding my cache better 2 days ago! I liked the "Other facts and figures" at Urkel's profile: good luck with the police to your next 100 finds!
  9. There is one cache at The Village Of Cache Creek, British Columbia.
  10. What a pity I didn't have my camera with me yesterday. Usually I don't use a staff, I just grab whatever stick is at hand if necessary. Yesterday the trails in Six Mile Run Park, NJ were very icy and steep at some places, so I guessed some support would be handy - fortunately there was an arrow lost by a hunter laying near the trail, so I used that, crouching and climbing the icy plates.
  11. As I know, no archived caches show up in search results, "Archive (no show)" must mean something different. Question for admins or more experienced cache owners: what is the difference between show and no show?
  12. It depends on how you ask. If you start your thread by just ranting about something, it will probably be closed. See this thread (IMHO started with a polite request) or search gc.com forum for "policy" to see why threads were closed/moved. Maybe a new forum for rules discussion would be handy, but what would be left in General...uhm...Geocaching Topics forum then?
  13. [...] We can change the rules to some extent, just make a suggestion in the Geocaching.com Discussion forum. That one is there for site issues and the chief rule-makers read it frequently. [...] Actually, Geocaching.com Discussion forum is for technical issues with the website - reporting bugs or submitting feature requests. Threads discussing policies and rules will be probably promptly closed there.
  14. When I plan a day-hike with some caching, I really like when the multi description says an approximate length and direction of the hike through the stages. If I come to the first stage and it points me back to where I came from, I rather skip the whole multi, or I just mark the waypoint for the next visit.
  15. The owner has posted a note explaining why it was archived: "It was having a negative impact on the site and on the Pocket Query Generator. The site was not designed to accommodate caches with 1200 logs." I just hope it was designed to host more than 80978 caches.
  16. 9 of my 127 finds are archived (7.1%): 3 of them were pulled by owners to be redone or to make place for other caches. Other 3 were archived by approvers after complaints about trespassing issues (interesting, none of the owners were active anymore). The last 3 were stolen or destroyed. No LTFs. Some of my other finds had a missing period but they were eventually replaced by owner. I was LTF on one of these.
  17. On some discussion sites, like SlashDot, you get "karma points" for your activity: positive for helpful / informative / insightful / humorous postings, and negative for flame or troll posts. Here you can get Warn points only.
  18. One. Went to buy new hiking boots, stopped for a lunch at PopEye's, changed my sneakers for the boots there and went to find a cache in a nearby town park.
  19. Also, WG$ demands that you have the bill when you enter it - so no moving into the next cache and entering it at home after the trip. Last time I took a WG$ from a cache located 20 miles west from my home and found that it was placed by a cacher from my hometown - so I have placed it in another cache in opposite direction and logged it with "had to lie about having the bill so it gets some mileage". That proved to be really naive idea, few hours later my WG account got banned for "repeated violations of rules". Oh well.
  20. seems to me like Brians password was easy to guess (it's not eggplant, though) and somebody is playing with his account... maybe the admins could ban him temporarily and resolve the problem over e-mail?
  21. Funny how the community here is too honest about small-to-medium amounts of money (Using this website without paying $30? Freeloader! Copying $100 topo software? Thief!) but once it is about $2500 diamond ring, the moral restrictions get adjusted. No offense meant to voters who read the story, liked it and voted once.
  22. there are a few positive feedbacks in this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=44995 Unfortunately you can't search the new forums for 'fortuna', because it performs a substring search and matches words like 'unfortunately'.
  23. Visited Bethlehem, PA - the city founded by Saxony emigrants in 1740s. The museum guide asked us where we are from and explained that they have mostly Germans and Czechs visiting :-) Found only one virtual there, was too busy with sightseeing and fun at Christkindlmarkt (by the way, a nice touch with German signs, Eingang-Entrance is ok, but I'm somewhat doubtful about Restrooms-Badenzimmer :-)
  24. I think the new forums don't have the autocensoring of bad words built in yet, just a technical difficluty I guess. Let's try: Buxley (brillig.com). Navicache.
  25. cheap inflatable 2-person kayaks, heavily patched. No alligators here in NJ but the submerged piles of dumped concrete and iron sticks can be nasty too... at least I can pack the kayak into a backpack and take it on a train :-)
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