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  1. It would be quite confusing to use CITO type for traditional caches: if I was looking for the caches in the area and a CITO cache with placement date several months old would come up in the results, I would just think that the owner forgot to archive an old event and I wouldn't even look at the description.
  2. If the park has a visitors center, there usually is a donation box or a gift shop - you can support the park there without even having to drive and park.
  3. If your trip includes Czech Republic, you can download free Topo and road maps at gps-maps.info.
  4. Cool, I thought about saving my #200 for the Cache In Every Park but I can grab one cache before work tomorrow too and make it a tie []
  5. Thanks Keystone for the link - so how are we supposed to celebrate milestones now? ie. if I have logged 2 locationlesses, should a pick a special cache for my #200 or #202?
  6. Congrats! And nice article: now what is worse, not to attend the event and have other geocachers gossiping about you, or to attend and read about it in Todays Cacher? :-)
  7. I have missed the topic when started in April, now I have checked the demo, zoomed it on Central Europe and was really surprised: the names apparently do not come from a single source: you can see German names of Czech towns, Hungarian names of Slovak ones (last time used during WWII) and at the same time the few towns in CZ and former East Germany renamed by the communist regimes (Karl Marx Stadt, Gottwaldov). Not only are these names politically incorrect, more importantly they don't appear on any current maps and road signs, so a visiting cacher equipped with this map printout would most probably get lost. Please let us know when there is any update, I am sure the local cachers can provide some feedback.
  8. My find rate was much higher in winter, because wife and kids were staying at home and I could go solo hiking almost every weekend. With the warm weather there are more activities to do on weekends, I have almost switched to weekday caching. Time to move to some colder climate, where you can get some snow in May if you are lucky.
  9. If NY Admin approved any of your caches in the past, they have a link 'Approved By:' at the bottom, leading to his or her profile.
  10. I'll bring Globy, the globetrotting bear with me - let me know if you want take him around North America before he leaves to another continent.
  11. Sure Globy hanged out for a long time on that nice beach, but now the summer season is off in Chile and he is ready to move to another continent.
  12. 13th would be great, I will be back in US that week.
  13. Congrats! That's a lot of water bottles!
  14. If the dogs are allowed in the area, why not? Some caches say in the description if the park is dog friendly. There are even dog-themed caches, like this one or this one.
  15. The boxes with ammo boxes have arrived, bldebabe and scoobydooers contacted by email. I am leaving this thread open so it can be used for future joint orders.
  16. I am using GPS Babel on my linuxppc machine, works great. This thread is about mapping software on linux, I didn't try any of them.
  17. haggaeus


    Me too. So far I have seen only people faking their logs or ruining the game by pirating/stealing/stashing others caches getting banned. Perhaps he failed to renew his Premium Membership? That would match the history in his profile (expiring in March).
  18. It wasn't me, but the drill hole was big enough to accomodate both the Bison capsule and the pen. When I found it, my flashlight had hit a shiny purple cache cylinder inside the hole, so a pen wouldn't make much difference (maybe that applies only to 6'7" tall cachers, who have the drill hole at the eye level).
  19. Funny, I live in NJ and got my Lyme 2 years ago in NY (Clarence Fahnestock SP).
  20. Order placed. I will email bldebabe and scoobydoers when I receive the cans.
  21. This is fine for local forums, and it is being talked about eg. in Northeast forum. Not much complaining there. For great stories from hunts we have the low-volume "The Hunt - The Unusual" forum. But what would you discuss here in General - uhh, G-Topics? After agreeing on what should be in your backpack, there is not much other left than gripe and moan. Oh yes, and to appeal to the voice of people when one's cache is not approved.
  22. ok, got a reply - the 6pack weight is 22lbs so I can order 2 mine + 2 extra to avoid the overweight charges. I suggest that the Long Islanders place their own order and I'll take the cans for Bldebabe and Scoobydoers. You don't need to take the whole sixpack if you don't want to, another cacher was contacting me being interested in 3 cans and I can take eventual leftovers.
  23. hmmm... looks like cheaperthandirt has a weight limit 100lb, I am investigating what the overweight charges are - will post here when I get a reply, so we can decide if to place one or two orders.
  24. JMB: sorry, I thought you were referring to that offtopic award thing. Counting you in. The last and final call: Squealy 2x6, Bldebabe 1x6, Scoobydooers 1x6, JMBella 1x6.
  25. Final call: Squealy 2x6, Bldebabe 1x6. Ordering tonight.
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