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  1. Last time when Groundspeak tried to ban Buxley, it made Slashdot news, now they are apparently feeling stronger. What a shame. With no maps outside the US, Buxley and regional sites which are "scrapping" coords from gc.com pages, are the only options to visualize caches in the area. Oh and I assume that the timing of the fix which prevents nonpaying users from zooming gc.com maps was just coincidental.
  2. I absolutely agree: not only the owner is notified of the problem, but the cache accident logs are usually an amusing read (after everything is back in order). Many months after this log, people were telling me at events: "Oh and we have found 'Where's the Trail' last weekend, that's the one you dropped off the cliff, right?"
  3. Yes, the same change seen here. The caches found by me and the country/state search results are ordered ok though.
  4. I was wondering if it is a kind of cache rating, or DNF/found ratio... didn't think of the size first and had to look at the website forum Nice though.
  5. ok, it eventually got logged, maybe after one hour... it just puzzled me as I never noticed this before. Shouldn't the log invalidate the memory cache?
  6. I just noticed a strange error I have never seen before: I posted a find to the cache and the cache page didn't show my log, even after a refresh, but I can see the find counted in my stats and my "All Geocaches Found": The cache page My finds The bottom of the cache page says "Rendered: From Memory", even if I allow a few minutes between the reloads.
  7. Now what would a crack-down on micros cause... a rash of lame offset caches? Read the year on the plaque, continue across the town to a cache under a bush?
  8. That's no reason there were some previous finders just watching (I don't think they logged the second find). Yes that probably belongs to the socializing part of the hunt (I think most of the group went to celebrate the find afterwards), but the caching part was also fun. Fro: is the fence new? I don't remember even stepping over a fallen one.
  9. I can. If memory doesn't fail me, that was precisely the reason for the earliest group hunts in our region. I can think of a tree or two people couldn't/wouldn't climb, a reach or two where long arms were required and people wouldn't/couldn't "stick their arm in there," a hazardous climb or two where people afraid of heights (or who were of a certain girth) could not access the cache. You probably don't mean Where to go? Vertigo!, at least I don't remember meeting you there. Anyway, that was truly a collaborative effort: the more experienced cachers spotted the cache after some search and allowed the newbies like me and Dave to go retrieve it. Doesn't seem to me much different eg. from the island multicache I did recently with my sister: I needed a paddling partner for our double kayak and she was glad to have me there when she found the stage 1: a micro a little bit up in the tree, which I could reach from the ground. [edit: fixed the url]
  10. I had Lyme the summer before I started geocaching, took the antibiotics for a few weeks and the symptoms disappeared almost immediately after I started taking them. (BTW it was my first summer in US, so when I got fevers and headache, I thought it was because of I was not used to the hot weather - only after I got the rash, I remembered it could be related to the tick bite). The unpleasant side effects of the cure were: - increased sensitivity to sun: long pants and sleeves all the time - no alcohol: I guess it would be tough to attend Beer & Wings type events and sip cranberry juice there.
  11. Probably a note like "Attention, the coords of stages 1-N have been changed - if you found them before Aug 11, you have to revisit the cache" would be appropriate. There might be cachers who did a few stages and ran out of time so they saved the rest of the multi for the next time. Sometimes the seekers post a note in such case, but it is not required.
  12. Ya hochu lyagushku! But I don't get this: they accept orders from all regions of Russia, because there should be no borders for the travellers?? I guess they are not shipping them abroad :|
  13. Sure I wouldn't be offended if you passed me on a trail in the official robe of your denomination and said Hi - that's exactly what Nudecacher and other nude hikers do. As for the original topic, yes I think it is appropriate to warn the others in the cache description or log, so they can decide not to hunt for this cache if they would feel there incomfortable. (edit: quote tags)
  14. It has been mentioned in comp.risks newsgroup some time ago (the link points to a forwarded memo, which makes more sense than the CNN article: there are restricted areas with no two-way electronic devices allowed and a Coke can transmitting its position certainly falls into that category. I wouldn't wonder if similar policy would be adopted in other places with restriction on electonic devices (airplanes, hospitals, etc.).
  15. I did mostly linear hikes rather than loops, but a nice one (and not much visited) is in Schunemunks: start at Salisbury Mills train station: Smoke Cache - alien cache (I didn't download a waypoint for this one, but it seems to be by the way)- Kodo cache - Another Schunnemonk View - Long Path meets Jessup Trail - , here I turned back because of the heavy rain and did just My Favorite Hike on my way back, but you should be able to continue at least to Schunemunk's High Knob or And Above Earl and then hit the right trail to get to Dark Hollow Cache.
  16. About the "stolen goods" - I would agree if it would be an ordinary TB bought by a user for $4.25, but in my opinion, YJTBs are promotional giveaways, not much different from limited edition soda pops. I have received one YJTB from Groundspeak when buying geocoins and TB tags and there were no instructions or "license to use" which would prohibit me to sell it.
  17. The Plucker Viewer .prc files are included in the host packages, eg. after installing Linux RPM you get /usr/share/plucker/palm directory. There is also a separate 'Plucker Viewer' in the Download section. I have played with plucker a little and didn't like it much (tried to use it without GPX files and spinner). Cachemate, however, is great - the first shareware I have registered since Trumpet Winsock!
  18. Geko 201. I have used Mag 315 before (liked the user interface, didn't like that the unit floats but it is not waterproof) and shortly used eTrex Legend (I was already used to the smaller, lighter Geko). Plus Geko comes with many languages, including Croatian, which is my favorite language for electronic devices
  19. Congrats! Do you plan to do 500 (or 600) in CZ again? Lot of new caches here since your last visit
  20. Thanks everyone for the farewell wishes. It has been great time here but I am also looking forward to be back and start hiding caches in CZ (the available space runs out fast, about 8 new caches/week). The ammo cans are already in the boxes, ready for sea freight. I will stay in touch on the irc (CET is 6 hours ahead, so no officials at 3:30AM), and in the forums here and on geocaching.globenet.cz (if you can understand Brian's post about the legendary army of knights sleeping in the hill of Blanik, take a look there). Let me know if you ever come to Prague, I can help you with translating CZ puzzle caches and guide you through public transit system there [] Special thanks go to - speleojunky, whose plundered cache accidentaly found in Lenape Park introduced me to the game - the hiders who contributed the most to my find numbers: Bayonets4U (11), BigBill6 (8), tneigel, ED634, Briansnat, Avroair (5) - Harrald, Lunaruby, Bldebabe, Batonka, Kar, who gave me a ride from/to events or group hunts - NJ Transit of course (and MTA too). I'll try to find some cute bus or locomotive and release a TB with mass transit theme before I leave. About the sig items: somebody on IRC (I still think it was Harrald) suggested that I should place a Czech cache containing sig items of NY/NJ/CT cachers. Since then I have collected only a few of them, so I'll probably make the theme more general. If you want to contribute, send them by mail to Marek Kubita 437 Willow Ave Garwood NJ 07027 - if mailed on Wed/Thu, they could arrive until Saturday... or you can stop by and trade them for some furniture (if interested, let me know before Thursday night so we will not put it out for bulk waste pickup). Happy caching!
  21. Sure I watch the caches in my home country. And the best thing is, I am returning there this Sunday!
  22. Still not decided yet about the best method, so far I tried these: 1. pants pocket: when I was using Mag315, it happened to me many times that I felt my pocket lighter and returned back the trail for the dropped GPSr. Now I am using Geko and it is just fine if it doesn't accidentally power on and drain the batteries. 2. jacket pocket: fine for any GPSr in jacket weather. Sometimes Geko poweres on. 3. backpack pocket: not so convenient but mostly ok - the same problem with self-powering Geko. 4. lanyard: tried it in the short period when I was playing with Legend - it acted like a pendulum or yoyo, I considered that quite disturbing. 5. holding in a hand - with Geko, I can still use my hand for support in moderately rough terrain. With bigger GPSr, the hand is not usable for anything else. Currently I am practicing a combination of methods 3 and 5, looking for some hard leather pouch which would prevent Geko power button from being pushed.
  23. Congrats! Looks like a well chosen milestone.
  24. 3 of them: Stanley, Boston, Gerbil. Stanley was my 3rd find ever, during our first hike in Harriman. Another great cache we have found at that hike was L.bug (also by Cache Ninja) - placed in 2001, last found in fall 2002.
  25. When going from Atlantic City to NYC, Cheesequake State Park is just off the Garden State Parkway - there is a lot of nice caches and easy hiking trails if you avoid the few terrain 4 caches there (swamp). And they have a giant live crab in the visitors center. Also Allaire State Park is close to GSP but I have never been caching there.
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