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  1. Me too. I paid for one from him, and then one from Landsharkz about 3 days later. The landsharkz order has been in my hands for a week or so. but, im sure he has a LOT of these to do, so its probably not an overnight thing.
  2. Probably right on the trademark thing, but they are selling them as souviners(sp) so there might be a chance. as for the spanish cob, now THAT would be cool!
  3. Wanted: 2005 Indiana "hoosier geocaching" coin(s) Would like to buy 2 if someone has extras. thanks, clay
  4. Hmmm I didnt know that!! Ive seen some "pirate" coins but never one that looked like the movie coin. Ill have to look into that one! thanks! clay
  5. I know you can buy it. the picture I found was from an ebay auction, and there were other places to buy replicas that I found on google. I just thought a copy that was geocaching.com trackable would be neat.
  6. Do you have any pictures of the colors, specifically the "gun" (gunmetal?) color? thanks, clay
  7. When I first found out about geocoins, one of the first to pop in my head was a replica of the pirates of the caribbean movie gold doubloon coin. I know its not very 'geo', but it would be an interesting coin. Ive started collecting coins, and I dont go for every one, only the ones I find appealing. Here is a picture of the coin used in the movie:
  8. exactly!!!!!!!! sad thing is that map you posted was true at one time. now how confusing is that!?!?!
  9. That maps a little out of date. As of this past spring, the state is on Eastern DST. I haven't made up my mind wether I like being on DST after living my entire life with out springing forward/falling back, but either way we are on EDST now.
  10. 4 coins look better IMHO. and if your going to do it, do it right and make Indiana part of the Eastern time zone.
  11. nscaler's thread about the "geocachine zone" breaking the US up into time zones with 4 individual coins got me thinking. Has anyone ever thought of doing 50 individual coins in the actual shape of all the states, that when put together would form a large map of the US?? THAT would be VERY cool! Probably very costly, and very time consuming, but wow would that be a neat set to collect!
  12. well though I am still on the fence with the change, Indiana is not a DST observing state as of spring this year. We, Indiana, are on Eastern DST, until someone decides to change us back to not changing! clay
  13. whew!! Good thing I picked up my extra from you yesterday!!!!!!!
  14. Any updates on the coin?
  15. I was using GSAK to send all my waypoints to my garmin with no issues. Then I installed a palm for paperless caching, and now for some reason whenever I go to send the waypoints to my Garmin GPSr, I get an error that says 'COM1 failed' etc. anyway, my computer only has one com port (COM1), and so I have to unhook the palm dock and hook up the GPSr cord. (Ive got LOTS of USB ports). anyway, anyone have any ideas? Ive tried reloading GSAK, but that didnt work. thanks, clay
  16. Its not offensive to me....... and I dont think the nuts part of 'dead nuts' originated as a reference to any part of the human anatomy.
  17. I learned that this past weekend. I actually DID get a FTF at a great cache. It was hidden on the owners property, and I got to meet him while looking. That in itself was a better experience than the FTF (which was great for me!). I did get a pretty cool FTF prize to boot. It was a 1992 1oz silver Canadian maple leaf coin. thanks everyone for the great dialog thus far!! keep it going! clay
  18. Everyone, the IDNR State Park caches are up! Check them out here in their profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/Default....08-91609bdf7f95
  19. Yup, your absolutely right. Ive finally figured that out here the last few days! If there are to many people around, I just dont look. Otherwise, I go to find!
  20. Just watch the geocaching.com website for the caches to open up on Friday.
  21. I probalby wont be having any FTFs in the near future, but what are typically used for FTF prizes? also, when you are the FTF, is it customary to trade for the FTF prize, or is it automatically given to the person who is FTF w/ no trade required? thanks, clay
  22. Mmmmmmmm peanuts, what kind? They used to be chocolate covered. I only wanted the chocolate. Mmmmmmm spit covered peanuts!
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