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  1. Im to that point and about ready to register. Its not bad at first, but now Im up to waiting 60 seconds (and growing) everytime I want to do something. my patience is worth $20!
  2. Now THAT sounds cool!!!!!!
  3. ClayC

    A milestone day!

    I forgot to say congrats when I saw the #2000, so here is my belated Congrats to you both!!
  4. I heard Kentucky ran out of mile markers after 10, or was it 20?!
  5. I also hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I know I did! Not only did I get a new Garmin 60 CSx for Christmas, but this was also my son's first Christmas! Watching him was better than any present I received! (but I do still like my 60 CSx!)
  6. Congrats Thanks! Talk about luck of the draw! I hit the button and bam! there it was, 194, and all the way to 210 in about a second!
  7. Just got my mail and lo and behold there were 2 Great Rewards geocoins waiting for me! Thanks Kelly!
  8. Sounds good, thanks for the update!
  9. probably not, but I may have!!!!!! "I got leid by CYBret!!!!!!!!!!!"
  10. well, more or less. I live very close to the road that the curve is on, but not directly on it. You were probably with in .5 miles at the most. and Ill have my 'actually from hawaii' shirt on! (If it still fits!)
  11. 2 miles from the house and you didnt even stop in to say hi! You probably drove right by on the way to the curve!!
  12. Good thing I dont own any of their stock I guess!
  13. interesting! What kind of CAD software do you use? I use Autocad, but there are a lot of them out there
  14. Thanks! The manager at Cheeseburger in Paradise seems kind of excited to have us there. We'll show him, huh?!?!? Good deal!! I cant wait (to meet all these crazies Ive been watching) to meet all these new people!
  15. Quick quick!!! Setup a road block! You take 40, and Ill take 70!!!!!!!
  16. well, not being one to 'jump the gun', I paid on 12-4, and Ive got 30 days to file a dispute, so Ill wait my time.
  17. Sounds good to me as well!! BJS tipped me off to that cache, and Ive got it in my list of 'to do' caches!
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