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  1. I would send those three coins to someone who never got the ones they paid for. Either 1 to 3 people, or how ever you want to do it. Thats only fair in my opinion. Who gets them? thats up to you. Draw names, flip a coin, etc.
  2. If it were just a liiiiitle closer....
  3. you cant. They quit doing that a while back. your only option is to make a new username and transfer as much of your info (IE relog caches) to that one. clay
  4. Funny thing is those Jeeps still pass their "trail rated" (ie rubicon trail) requirements with those tires
  5. as long as you carry a parts store worth of spare parts in the back, they are great! Being that the Landrover you drive probably isnt readily available in the states, I would have to go Jeep. Ive owned a built XJ (small cherokee), and a semi built TJ (97+ wrangler). I LOVED my XJ. Lots of room, great off road. I love my TJ, its my daily driver. You can easily go topless (big plus), go anywhere off road, but its not as practicel if you want to haul anything. SO my choice for all around great, and inexpensive, 4x4 is the Cherokee. You can pick up nice, newer examples for $5000 very easily. They have plenty of room to haul you, 4 other adults, and all your gear. Get one with the 4.0L engine, and the AW4 auto (all autos are the Aw4), and you will have a very dependable rig. Throw a small 2" life, and some 31" tires on it, and it will take you many places with ease.
  6. Im interested in a set. Put me on the list!! thanks, clay
  7. Im interested as well! Neat coin matey!!
  8. a good friend of mine is a 'packaging engineer' and does field trial work, and basically onsite product development/trouble shooting. He is traveling every week between 3 or 4 locations, with the occasional trip to other places (like Mexico, Canada). His nights are free, and cache he does. Hes just getting started but I bet he will be able to rack up some good numbers after he is more familiar with the whole thing.
  9. my local Staples had them in quite a few sizes, with a special white strip to write on.
  10. Ohhhhhhhh that could be fun! but Im afraid I could only fit about 5 people in the tv room besides me and the wifey! I like the idea of having it at BJS's better! That's a good idea Clay!! SUPER BOWL PARTY AT CLAY'S HOUSE!!!!!!!
  11. ok, whos going to hold the "Geocachers watch the SuperBowl" event??????
  12. ahhh, come on Bret! Dont wuss out on us now!!!!!
  13. It was a GREAT time Bret! thanks for putting it together and arranging everything. It was first class all the way!
  14. Friend bought a new Vista Cx, which for some reason limits his max waypoints to 500. He thought by upgrading the MicroSD card to a 512M that he could then load more waypoints on his GPSr. Well, last night he brings it over, and I try to load more waypoints on, but no go. So, is there a way to load more waypoints on his GPSr? I will eventually need to know this info as well for my 60 CSx, but I havent gotten to that point yet. thanks, Clay
  15. Speaking of 'how far can you walk in the woods', CONGRATS to BJS on his 800th find!!!! (which just happens to be the fore mentioned cache!)
  16. I have to ask, why was there a $100 GAP card in a cache?!?!?! If that happens again I may be able to convince my wife that caching is a good idea!
  17. Got my coin today!!! Thanks Team Jsam!!!!!!!!! Very much appreciated!!
  18. so what about water (ie rain) in clouds?
  19. it was an order, 2 black nickle (I think, their not in front of me). I think mine were shipped around the same time and seemed to take a while to get here (well, 11/21 -> 12/9 is almost 20 days).
  20. sorry guys, my post was made in jest.. just trying to add a little humor, but that stupid 'winkey' smiley on here doesnt look like a happy smiley! <----- see.... thats one unhappy winkey there! hehehe oh, and why not, lets throw out a while Im at it!!
  21. Sweet! So when does the sale begin?
  22. I run GSAK and cachemate, and I use an older Palm Vx. Everything works GREAT! Its nice to not have paper at all. Cachemate also lets you record your finds, drops, trades, TBs, etc, then go back to those caches later to help you log them. I have 1500 caches in mine with LOTS more room. Great thing is this was a free PDA my dad didn't use! clay
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