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  1. I have heard that he rarely logs any finds. Something like "its not about the numbers"...........
  2. Thanks for making the trip to Terre Haute for the event! Glad to got to see the coins and put in my preorder!!
  3. a FTF prize in Lincoln Street Cache Mine. It was a 1992 Canadian 1 ounce .999 Silver Maple Leaf coin. Coolest thing thus far!
  4. well, you technically only saw a picture....... anyway, what I want to know is how someone gets a green jeep TB assigned to them as the owner!! That right there is pretty darn cool!
  5. missed this thread somehow..... anyway, congrats again!! I had fun, even if I was lost!
  6. Looks AWESOME! Cant wait to see it tomorrow!!
  7. Hmmmmmm maybe you should put a cache there....... "Cache Concrete"
  8. Its against the rules to place caches around airports. So I doubt there are any inside the gates.
  9. Its against the rules to place caches around airports. So I doubt there are any inside the gates.
  10. Congrats to Strohem on her 1000th find this past Saturday!!!!!!! I was the guy who got lost...... even though I had a GPS with me. That will teach me to leave home with out putting the old cache coords back in the GPS!
  11. You guys have done a GREAT job with this coin. Doug - I think your rendering looks the best so far. -clay
  12. Just an observation I made while visiting the area of New Stanton, PA last week. I drove by many many cemeteries, both large, small, old, and new, yet never saw one cemetery cache. Are these frowned upon or just darn right illegal? Thanks! Clay
  13. Happy Birthday Bret! Sorry I missed the festivities today!
  14. Glad to see he got it! Dan and I had talked about this one many times over the last few months. He said he was going to make an attempt, and I knew he had the skills required to get it. Clay
  15. I always carry my oak spike, garlic, a cross, and holy water with me while I Geocache in Indiana!!!!!!!!!!
  16. How can anyone be "old school" anything with something that has only been around for 7 years? Are 2nd graders considered "old school"
  17. treat the event just like a cache. so you will drop the TB "into" the event. Someone can then "retrieve" the TB from the event. easy as pie in the sky!
  18. 32 logged DNFs and Im pretty sure that is 99.9% of them. That puts me at 16% of my total finds.
  19. Yup, oh, what, did you think it was all a dream?!?!?!
  20. Had a {tony the tiger voice} GRRRRRRRRRREAT! time last night at the Geocaching birthday party! Good to meet new people (and there were a LOT), have good food and good conversation! Oh, and you "old" people were nice too! Great time as usual Bret!
  21. Got my coins yesterday! GREAT JOB!! I love em! They look good, and Im sure someone will be happy to find these coins in caches! Thanks again to everyone who put work into this coin!!
  22. Sorry to hear! but that sounds more like what I would picture you having! Danes are great dogs, BIG, but they have super great personality. Ive had Rotts up until about 5 years ago when I got my first boxer. Now I have 2. They are GREAT jeep dogs! And Ill try to remember to post some pictures later.
  23. Dan, for some reason I always pictured you having a bigger dog! Ill see if I can dig up a picture of mine when I get home.
  24. I agree with everything you have said except for this. Depending on which GC your talking about I have to disagree. If your talking older GC, aka ZJ/WJ, I disagree. They aren't that much bigger (longer, but not wider). Longer wheelbase works better on hills, and solid front axles make for a heck of a difference in offroad performance. If your talking the new GC, aka WK, then I agree. Its huge, and also has independent front suspension (like the Liberty/KJ).
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