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  1. Another related question..... how do I erase everything on the SD card in the GPS?
  2. Ahhh I see. Thanks guys! Looks like I need to buy some more map software!
  3. I have the "Mapsource U.S. TOPO CDs", it shows a lot of roads. Even the road I live on in a subdivision with 20 roads enterweaving is on the map.
  4. I loaded the Mapsource CD that came with my 60CSx, then loaded maps onto my GPSr. Now I played with a friends Etrex and the routes worked perfectly, but mine for some reason will only follow the highways, and not the side roads. So once you get to a point where you need to turn off the highway, the line goes straight to the cache, not following any roads. Can anyone point me to what Im doing wrong? thanks, clay
  5. Sweet! For your next one you should make an ammo can!
  6. ClayC

    Sharkz 07

    Got my coins on Saturday. My only disappointment (the coin is absolutely the coolest!) is no custom icon. Any plans for one? clay
  7. Did you email them asking if they could return your coin? Afterall, you didnt place it there, it was just in the wrong place/wrong time. On another note, I think I have found out that one of my missing coins was due to a newbie. I went back and started researching the cache it was last in, and found someone with 2 finds (and no activity since that day) stating they 'will take the coin and move it to another county', but they never logged it. Ive emailed them to ask for its return, but who knows what will happen there. clay
  8. Just as a note, if all my coins were round, I dont think I would have much of a problem. I kind of have a thing for the "shapen" coins, so lots of mine have issues staying in because of that.
  9. Ive tried using a plastic page made for coins (ie money) that is made to hold the coins in a protective cardboard/plastic "case", but the geocoins obviously aren't all the same size, and dont stay in the sleeves very well. Last night I thought I had lost 2 coins as they had fallen out of the binder, luckily I was able to back track and find them. So what do you guys use that portable, and safe, while still maintaining access and visibility?? thanks! clay
  10. Im in for a set. Let me know if you need a PM or an email to confirm. thanks, clay
  11. you can mark the items as missing. Go to your cache page, then click on the listed travelers name. Then when the tb/coin page pops up, look in the box at the right hand side for a "mark as missing", hit the go button.
  12. I guess I should have looked at the cache page! sorry for not looking trying to find the answer!!!
  13. what the heck is that "inscription" supposed to be?
  14. Yet more proof that Bret has way to much....... time........... on his hands!
  15. Play the game how ever it makes you happy (with in the rules of course). I discover bugs when I see/touch them. I like to move them as well. I also like being able to go back and look at bugs Ive found/discovered, and see how they are doing in their journey. Its part of the fun.
  16. ahh well that makes a difference. I thought you meant the bug had been sitting there a long time. Yeah, email the guy, or give him a few days to log it.
  17. If you have the bug in your possession, and the person who it shows currently holding the bug does not, then I would say your entitled to grab the bug from them. Your only other option is to have them log that they dropped the bug into the cache, then grab it from the cache, but if they havent logged the find, then who knows. You got it, you log it.
  18. Oh yes they do. Check out Ebay. Really? Even ones that are aleady activated? It's not like you can unactivate them and make them your own geocoin, right? People just hoard them to keep on a shelf? I guess I just don't understand the compulsion. You can sell them I guess..... and people can adopt them, but only the original owner can adopt a coin to someone else, so taking that into account, they dont have any market value except to the actual owner.
  19. Im batting 50% at the moment. I keep hoping that someone picked it up not knowing what it was, or forgot to log it...... or even just lost it and will email me telling me that. but alas, they are gone, and for the time being so is my desire to release new coins. Im more likely to put out unactivated coins as FTF prizes so that at least someone can enjoy it!
  20. believe it or not, thats actually a legless lizard.
  21. Excellent email! Thanks for posting it! That right there is what its all about!
  22. wow! congrats!!!!!!!!! Now THAT right there is a sickness!
  23. ahhhhhhh "geocaching.com" maps!!!!!! that one does work. Thanks!
  24. Ok, now heres another slant to this question. Before a recent upgrade, you could click on the map and see archived caches (if you checked the box to show archived caches). Well, now when I go to the map that option is gone..... so how do you find archived caches using the map feature now?
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