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  1. There are TONS of cemetery caches in IlliNOY. Ive been to a few myself. There probably aren't any "IlliNOY Spirit Quest" caches in cemeteries though.
  2. ClayC

    Terre Haute area?

    Yup, and we we catch him over here any other time, we call the INS (IlliNOY Nazi Society) to come pick him up and take him back!
  3. my wife and MIL went yesterday. Gave me the perfect opportunity to go caching, but me and the boy took a long mid-afternoon nap and didnt go. LOTS of people around here selling stuff on highway 41, just a few feet from my house...... and I live 20 minutes from Bridgeton.
  4. Your best bet is probalby o-ring material. You can buy o-ring rubber "cord" in long lengths made to custom cut your own o-rings. So you could probably go to a local industrial supply store, and find what you need. They find out your length, cut it, and glue the ends together. we do this at work in a pinch if we cant find the exact right sized o-ring and it works find. You also probably need to glue the o-ring to the lid every few inches to keep it in the lid.
  5. Im looing for a Geodiesel coin for a friend. let me know what you have. I dont have much of anything to trade, so I would like to find just a regular cash deal. thanks, clay
  6. No more kittens? Its a bit unusual for them to only have one.
  7. Yup, had a GREAT time! Good to see everyone again, meet new people, and boy oh boy are those moonburgers GOOD! Cant wait to do it again!
  8. I saw that event listed, and thought it was a GREAT idea! So good job everyone!! Now my question is how do I get in touch with the local Professional Cemetery Restorer person?? There are plenty of opportunites around here as well, and I would like to look into it a bit. clay
  9. So does this mean all CB caches must be instantly archived?
  10. I couldnt help but notice you put a colts sticker in the cache!!
  11. Have you ever logged a find on a cache more than once??
  12. I would agree with you IF there had not already been blanket approval given from corporate. If this were the first time someone asked, then so be it, but we have been granted permission already.
  13. Yeah, that would be nice. Grubber may not be the most timely of cache maint. people, but he does get the job done. He just performed maint. on a couple of his other caches recently, one of which is more than a drive up and drop off, so Im sure he will get to it.
  14. Yup, Terre Haute Walmart had em! picked up a few there today! Not the greatest selection, but they had them. Thanks everyone!
  15. Ive searched the forums a bit and cant seem to find the answer, so here goes: where can I buy Lock-n-Lock containers OTHER THAN online? Do any local stores (ie Walmart, Target) carry them? thanks, Clay
  16. Thanks Bret! Some people are good....... some people are lucky....... and some of us, like myself, wander around in the dark and occasionally fall on a cache!!!!!
  17. Ive had one of those days before!!! Cant ever seem to catch a break. But I must ask, if you were caching somewhere else, why didnt you keep your other name/finds? clay
  18. i posted in the other thread, so Ill post in this one...... do you think that makes the cache near the object illegal?
  19. Does that make the cache near them illegal?
  20. I think Im going to make up a fake roadside cross cache... RIP G. CACHER. With a hollowed out spot in the top of the cross for a match safe.
  21. What if someone put up one of those roadside crosses as a cache? IE no "real" cross, but a CrossCache?
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