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  1. I had the same problem with my 76Cx and Garmin fixed it right away for me. Give them a call.
  2. I use a 17" macbook pro and use a 76Cx. I run parallels with XP for my geocaching software. All of the geocaching stuff I need runs great in parallels, mapsource, gsak, cachestats. If you're willing to spring for parallels or vmware fusion to run your windows apps (for either you'll need a licensed copy of windows), I would highly recommend switching to a mac! Enjoy!
  3. Here's a little more info and a nice close up pic. http://www.electronista.com/articles/07/08...iton.handhelds/ so much for Magellan getting out of the handheld business.... Looks promising, now if they'll only support them!
  4. I've not seen the etrex H for sale here in the states yet either, every place I've seen it it's still preorder. Must be coming out later than the HC line....
  5. I don't have a 76CxS, but I have had a 76Cx since the first of the year, I love it. I have both the topo maps and city navigator NT, gets great reception, only issue is the beeps for turn by turn with CN aren't that loud. It's good for boating as well, as it floats. One thing to be careful of is that the battery contacts can easily break off, I had this issue, but Garmin fixed it and installed heavier duty contacts (why they didn't install them in the first place is beyond me). Perhaps the newer models already have the thicker contacts to begin with.
  6. Clyde, Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a try!
  7. Just remember with the %drop2 code, if you load child waypoints (parking coords). it'll drop the PK from the parking coord name and the GC from the cache waypont name, and then the cache and the parking waypoint have the same name. I've been using %drop2 and not loading child waypoints on my foretrex because of this. If anyone has a way around this, I'd love to hear it!
  8. I've got a 76Cx and I use the invisible shield for the screen protector, and use the following neoprene case, both work great! 76 series neoprene case
  9. I bought it from Amazon last month for $109. or so I thought, they actually gave me a discount, for no apparent reason so they charged me $104 with free shipping.
  10. You could read the manual, located here Lowrance Manuals Enjoy!
  11. Don't waste your money on City Navigator if all you are going to use it for is on your laptop. Just buy Microsoft Streets and Trips or Delorme. You can still use your legend and only spend $30-$40 on software rather than $100+.
  12. I've got a Foretrex 101 and it's got the same compass screen (gps not magnetic) as other units. The Foretrex 101 is basically the same thing as a Gecko 201 in a different form factor.
  13. It probably won't have the latest software on it, as new software came out last week. You'll need to run the Garmin webupdater, and it'll take care of the updates. this only runs on windows however. I run the webupdater and mapsource in parallels on my mac. Garmin at this point doesn't have native mac software, though it has promised it in the future (don't expect it anytime soon though).
  14. You have to set the interface on your etrex to NEMA, you use the GARMIN interface while interfacing with GSAK.
  15. I've had a lowrance iFinder Pro in the past and currently have a Garmin 76Cx. I'd say if you don't need autorouting ability, the Lowrance wins hands down in terms of value. However if you want an autorouting unit, lowrance doesn't autoroute, so it's not an option.
  16. have a look for yourself click on the map viewer in the upper right hand corner... garmin topo for nevada click on west
  17. the ones charging $449 are charging MSRP. Many online discounters will sell it for much less. I just bought a 76Cx from Amazon.com. Definitely a brand new unit. Couldn't be happier. As long as you're buying it online from someone reputable it shouldn't be a problem. Just check out the vendors before purchase.
  18. I ended up getting a 76Cx instead of the Venture Cx. Topo loaded on it no problem! Thanks guys!
  19. We just added a Garmin 76Cx to our collection last week. What an awesome unit!
  20. I just create separate databases for each pocket query.
  21. Card has been sold! Thanks for looking
  22. If you're interested in a Foretrex 101, I picked one up at Aldi foods for $69. If you have one in your local area you may want to have a look.
  23. I've been using them for the last month or so in my foretrex. I charge them on my energizer 15 minute charger, no problems. I get about 11-12hr battery life from the 800mh AAA cells. And they do indeed hold thier charge much longer when not in use than the energizer AA's I use in my other units.
  24. Great! That's what I was hoping! Thanks guys!
  25. I'm thinking of buying a Venture Cx. I've got an old copy of US Topo that I've used with an etrex Legend. It didn't need any unlock codes or anything. Will this older software work with a Venture Cx or will I have to buy a new version with unlock codes?
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