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  1. I've put some "Garmin-like" GeoCache Poi icons on the web (both in 22 X 22 pixels and 16 X 16 pixels) http://home.scarlet.be/~tse99634/Geocache_Poi.htm grtz
  2. O.K., magenta in the 256 spot of the palette (Index = 255) doesn't show transparent. Anyway I have always less than 256 different colors in a 16 X 16 pixels (= 256 pixels) icon: (a 16 X 16 pixels icon with 256 different colors can at most contain only one magenta-pixel, wich is quite useless in the question of transparency). Try to rebuild the color palette so that it contains no more colors than used in the image. When done so the spot (position) of the magenta backgroundcolor in the palette is not critical. I've put some images on the web to clarify: http://home.scarlet.be/~tse99634/Lamp_A.bmp displays with transparent background on my GPSmap 60Cx http://home.scarlet.be/~tse99634/Lamp_Pixels.jpg shows the 16 X 16 grid of the image http://home.scarlet.be/~tse99634/Lamp_Color_Palette.jpg shows the color palette of the image ---------- I've put also an image on wy web that shows a (theoretical) directory structure for loading different poi files in different subcategories. The poi files could be .gpx or .csv files. http://home.scarlet.be/~tse99634/Poi_Directory.jpg ------------
  3. I use CorelPaint to make the conversion of 24-bits RGB pictures to 8-bits RGB pictures. After the conversion I apply RGB(255,0,255) as the background color. Using IrfanView to decrease the color depth is not recomendable in that IrfanView may change the color RGB(255,0,255) in a resembling e.g. RGB(254,1,254) wich isn't transparant on the GPSmap 60Cx. Using an older version of Poiloader could also cancel the transparent background feature. Use version 2.4.1 or newer: "Changes made from version 2.3.5 to 2.4.1: ... * Added the ability to send bitmap images that contain magenta as a transparent color. * Added support for subcategories of POI's. * Added support for handling individual bitmap symbols for each subcategory of POI's. * Added support for jpeg (.jpg) images that can be associated with POI's. ... grtz
  4. The background color still shows up on my 60CSx as magenta. The color bit depth has to be set to 8 bits (not 24 bits). I have good results (magenta = transparent) with tis settings: • 16 X 16 pixels. • 200 x 200 dpi. • color depth 8bits greetz
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