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  1. My search was "new dashboard" - was looking for ANY comments.
  2. I looked to see if this had been discussed. If I missed it, I'm sorry. I'm a cacher that has been doing this a while and who is used to using the old dashboard format. I've been fighting using the new version but recently I decided that "change is good." It's taking some getting used to but I've been doing ok with it. I was wondering if 2 features on the old dashboard will be brought over to the new. Those are: and I like these and use them all the time. Are they going to be made available on the new dashboard? Anyone??? Thanks y'all!
  3. My event has been published! Please try to come! My Event
  4. Hi, I will be attending a wedding in Kyabram the first 2 weeks in March. While I'm there I not only want to grab at least one cache but I'd like to meet other cachers. So I was thinking of hosting a quick meet & greet - I'm the event queen in my area . Since I don't know the area I'm not sure where to have it. From Google Earth I can see a park within walking distance to my hotel but thought a cafe' would be good too. To get to the point I'm trying to find a local cacher to assist me. I have a few door prizes (including geocoins) already packed and a nice thank you gift for the person that helps me. Anyone out there from that area that can help???? Thanks so much!!! Sandi aka Tallahassee-Lassie PS This is will be my 3rd visit to Oz. The first 2 times I was in the Melbourne area (Croydon) and also visited Mount Gambier. This was the same years that geocaching was "discovered" so I didn't know about it. Saw there was a cache in the park across from my friends house (the same friends I'm going to see in Kyabram now). They wanted to go find it & sign my name since we played cricket there. I wouldn't let them do it of course and now it's been archived.
  5. I'm hosting a flashmob event that evening: Dozen Cubed Flash Mob http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=08a695e0-8e11-445a-9f31-2109fa458f4f
  6. I know how to set up notifications so that I can get emails when new caches are published, archived, disabled and so on and so on. I'm not new to this. HOWEVER ... I'd like to set up notifications so that I notified when Challenges in my area are published. But when I go to set up a new notification CHALLENGES is not listed. Will it ever be? Is there a way that I'm missing. Right now the only way to see new challenges to the area is to check my zip code a couple times a day. Thanks.
  7. I broke my knee-cap while caching at the GOING COASTAL event in Savannah back in November. It did not make for a great weekend. I tripped over a large tree root that came across the path - it was dark. Took a while to hobble out of the woods. I drove myself to the ER. Luckily I had geo-buddies that were able to drive me home. I had a cast from my ankle up to my woo-hoo.
  8. That's a cacher out of Tallahassee. I would give their name but not sure how they would feel about it, so I'll forward them a link to this thread and they can chime in if they want. TNLNSL out of FL is me. I'd be curious, KevJaxFL, where you saw me. After a PA geobuddy saw my tag she got one. I think it says WeCache.
  9. On this same subject but not ... are there any instructions on how to use Cachemate on the BlackJack II? I am usually quick to pick up new programs but am completely loss on Cachemate WM. Maybe it's just using a itty-bitty screen. Cachemate is already loaded on my BJII but I'm not sure what to do after that. Is there a DUMMIES book for Cachemate? Thanks ya'll.
  10. I'm 52, daughter is 28 & granddaughter (who is great at this) is almost 6.
  11. Thanks. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I did as you suggested but it was returned. It's a Jeep TB I guess that's why. I'll just go back to the cache & retrieve it. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for your reply - but I don't have the Travel Bug Tracking #. Since it's so easy to mark it as placed in a cache when writing your log I didn't think I would need it. What can I do now?
  13. I was logging 7 finds today & I accidently logged a Jeep TB to the wrong cache. I deleted the log to the TB log thinking I could go back & move it to the correct cache. But the TB is still logged into the wrong cache. What do I do? I'm relatively new to this & feel like a weenie. Please help. Thanks.
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