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  1. here we go... my geocaching pumpkin God thats blurry!
  2. Face it there will always be bad people in the world no matter what you do... I think that this maybe a bit biased on your part since you are already a member and you have had a couple of bad experiences. Personally I don't think that we should pay for caching... infact I doubt I could pay for caching... <b>Its not easy to get $ when your a kid!</b>
  3. Heres my advice, make it a multi cache... hide a key in a magnetic keyholder near by and have give the co-ordinates of the key on the site... not everyone knows how to operate a combination lock (my friend tabby included) but you have to be a dult not to know how to use a keyed lock
  4. I did... currently I cant get the pictures because its on my moms camera but I will try to get them soon
  5. The doc said to take the pain meds until I can get through a day without them....
  6. I would suggest a CD that way it is not rewritable and therefore of less value. Also make sure I you do use a usb travel bug to make it waterproof (or atleast resistant) you never know what might happen to a cache
  7. hey all, just an update. Today I decided to not take the pain medication. I went through all of school today with little pain. things are looking good, be caching as soon as mom lets me. Oh yeah and just a side note, do you think my doctor would approve of me climbing through a window, onto a roof and retrieving a football.... don't ask you do some pretty darn crazy things in highschool
  8. Thanks for the info... I hope to spurr some caching activities while over there.
  9. Any advice about caching in belgium if i do go as a forign exchange student. I would be going in 3 years so I do have time to consider advice.
  10. lol... naw... I walk at the moment with a bit of a hobble... might hurt myself. I agree with the doc on this one. Im just disapointed
  11. We went gusto with our gps and got the solar powered one that sits on my dads dash board. Lets hope that Its sunny or else we have to get the power cord out and charge it off the cigarette lighter
  12. Get a second opinion. I was told that I only had 6 months to live, so I got a second opinion and that doc said the same thing, so now I can cache for a whole nother year ; ) <insert groan> Get well soon! Ummm... cant quite get a second opinion after they cat scan me and confirm appendicitus, cut me open, take my appendix, staple me shut, and put me on pain meds. What are they going to do put my infected apendix back in place lol
  13. I do this sometimes, but unless the TB happens to be something I REALLY REALLY am interested in, I usually wait before I revisit the cache to pick it up. I've missed out on a few TBs, but no hard feelings here. In the meantime, if the newbie really wants to help the TB along, he can demonstrate his motivation by being quicker. Thats the exact "good and experiecned" adittude I would expect from people, You know that we all can't be super cachers and collect all 3 million of them, heck I cant even find time usually between school, marching band, cross country, music lessons, home work etc. but I make the effort to find the cache anyway and that what geocaching is about
  14. YES, your comment might have not been nice at all but it is pretty much true... thanks for you encouragement and I am sorry about your son. Back to the caches asap though
  15. I think that experienced cachers coming back to a previously visited cache to pick up a TB is discouraging to new cachers. Why I remember how long I waited before I finally found a travel bug because we were never quick enough to get one.
  16. On saturday I started to have stomache pains at 3. Eventually the pains grew to the point where I couldn't stand upright. Around 4:30 I was taken by my mom to the ER. There I was diagnosed with apendicitus. (excuse me if I spelled that wrong) By 11 I had my appendix in a jar heading to pathology and me heading for recovery. Now the doctor says I can't do any physical activities for 6 weeks... what a bummer.
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