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  1. ok I have a solution to this.... Not everyone wants thier picture taken. I would suggest putting one of these in a cache... still digital, but gives them a choice of if they want their picture taken Cvs Digital Camera This product can be bought at any CVS pharmacy
  2. Bad Idea.... geocaching and alcohol don't mix. Seriously reconsider this cache idea, I won't shoot it down but I bet a reviewer will
  3. Hey look! I found a golf ball! And another! And another! Hey cool, A baseball! Hey over there is a tennis ball! ... What do you mean by "shouldn't we be concentrating on finding the cache?" Ball count: golf balls: 3 tennis balls: 2 baseballs: 1 footballs: 1 (off of highschool roof)
  4. Today my dads first cache "have a blast" was muggled. At first I thought that some muggle had just taken the container until my dad explained what all was missing. The cache was hidden in a memorial cannon on our city triangle, today the cache and even the cannon was gone. This is no simple task considering that that cannon is made of cast iron and that the wheels were locked and broken. Good news is that we got an E-mail from a crew of men who today moved the cannon to a shop to be referbished saying that they were stunned to find a cache stuffed down the barrel. We are just glad that our first cache is still safe and intact
  5. I put forth Cap'n Buckeye. I would like to thank him for making my dad's first cache possible NOTE TO ALL CLEVELANDERS SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! I think Cap'n buckeye should get the staff. He probably would need it to get our cache in place because its shoved down the barrel of a cannon!
  6. Just wondering... Do you think a layer of duct tape would make it water proof... I picked up a nice roll of camo Oh and by the way it would be a wood box because thats what I can make... not for looks
  7. my girlfriend's nickname for the trampled foliage that usually leads to an established cache, and the area around the fallen logs with no vegetation and packed dirt. I seem to say this on almost every caching trip. my GPSr usually says this, I think it means that it's turned on. lol wheres my quote?
  8. Wolfbait, I am about 5-6 years older than you, and am taking computer aided drafting at the local community college. Drafting seems to be a pretty good career in of itself, but what you learn in that applies to a lot of fields, including architecture, surveying, landscaping, GIS, Mapping, engineering, you name it. Sometimes you can take basic drafting in High School, I did and it helped a lot. If your interested in those things, something like drafting might tie a bunch of those interests together, so you can go into about anything. I worked for a short period as a "rodman" (Surveyors assistant) and it was fun. Surveying is like one huge mix between a multi and an offset cache. Sweetness... maybe I could look into a job mixing the fields of architecture and surveying... That would probably be something to consider as a full time job for the future. Right now... I'm a kid and I'm going to enjoy it.
  9. Lol... you know electrical boxes are the next antrax... I'm sure they will get thousands of people who are stupid enough to break into an electrical box lol
  10. And that was back before the sun rose on it own. I took twenty of us strong 9 year olds to carry the sun up the hill and launch it into the sky oh and no offense to you just like making jokes
  11. I have an Idea for a cache... I want to make a box out of wood... do you think that I could somehow make the box water tight
  12. I have a question... do you guys think that this cache is approriate... its not a real electrical box... just an imitation <Quote> This is my answer to "no room for anything but a micro". user posted image The sticker reads: United States Geocache Site Logging Station Do Not Disturb </Quote>
  13. Yeah... I have been trying to get my numbers up but I can't seem to find some of the ones around... bummer
  14. [Cut to save space] He'll be more than happy to sell you one! Just tell him what you want. for how much though... I can't really afford much... you know how it is as a kid Are you old enough to push a lawn mower or use a rake? If so you should be able to earn the money for one pretty quick, and a staff you worked to earn can always be a source of pleasure and pride! I had contracts from age 13 through high school to do yard care for neighbors. In the summer I would get up at 5 a.m., cut someone's lawn and have my money earned before the heat set in, during the school year I would do them late in the afternoon. My parents provided everything I needed, but I had my own money to buy anything I wanted. Good luck, Ed Thanks for the words of encouragement... as you probably saw in the other topic I'm thinking about asking the city for a job in surveying...
  15. Just a little bit hesitant because I want to explore all the career options out there for me. I have quite a bit of intellectual potential (so says the proficiency test along with the Gifted services for above average intellegence program at my school) I am interested in this field... but I am also interested in engineering, architecture, computers, robotics... heck im interested in way too much
  16. Ohhhhhh.... ouch. Thats gotta hurt. Next time try the old "yes dear" reutine
  17. I see a problem to this already... I am a teenager (young teens, pre vehicle) who can't drive yet
  18. He'll be more than happy to sell you one! Just tell him what you want. for how much though... I can't really afford much... you know how it is as a kid
  19. ... Hmmm...sound interesting... at least as a career for this summer. Oh and by the way what is GIS?
  20. boy do I wish I had entered earlier... I have always incorperated a wolf somehow into a username or avie, I think i would have look awesome on that staff... oh well
  21. Lol... us noooo... never... nothing stupid like whacking through a whole bunch of wood to find nothing
  22. I have a question... I have seen people out and about with gps surveying equipment looking around and also looking very much like they didn't know what they were doing... do you think they would hire someone with no job experience but a love of geocaching?... *Cough* me *cough* also what do you think their policies on teenagers *cough* me *cough* working... It's not at all dangerous work or anything
  23. I am wanting to experement with building a cache... any do's or don't's?
  24. please consider me for it... I just love this avie... I got it 3-4 years ago... Edit: oh just realized this things over sorry
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