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  1. Just an update.


    People around our community have noticed the cannon missing as well. Because of so many people asking "where did the cannon go?" Our local newspaper desided to do an article on the subject. On interviewing the maitenece people who moved the cannon our cache was brought up in conversation. The story quicky became a double purpose and now they have asked my dad if they can use his cache in the article. He said yes. How many people can say that their first cache made a major newspaper? This just gets better and better.



  2. Ummm.....that is paying way to much for containers! Try your local Dollar Tree and you can get 6 containers for the price of 1 that you paid for.


    Oh contraire... bying a good ammo can come in handy in many situations. I have a friend who went to a canoe-ing camp for 6 weeks and said that she fit all her valuables into it and It kept them clean and dry as they tramped through mud pits 5 feet deep. they only paid 10 bucks for that container... over priced... i think not

  3. Hello my name is wolfbait

    Hi wolfbait

    I am addicted to geocaching

    Were all addicted to geocaching

    And I...*sniff*... I haven't gone caching for a week

    Wooo hoo Your an inspiration to us all!


    Quote from G.A. Geocachers annonoymous (doesn't really exist)

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