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  1. Stop bashing on me torry... I got a little out of hand maybe... Im only human darn it!
  2. fine here it is... htt0p://www.cleveland.com/search/index.ssf?...hoga&coll=2 His nick aint in there they are conncting him with his real name and he dont want that..
  3. well staited KBI... I think that the cache page should give better warning... dont remove it... just give better warning Oh yeah and KBI i do find myself facing childish names... im a highschooler lol
  4. Oh yeah and who ever said "watch where your going in the street"... I would love to push you into the street you <edited>!
  5. Hey all! Listen here.... first of all don't badger the OP! he has a very valid point that all you retards could learn a lesson from. And by the way do you think that because I only have 11 finds does that make me geo-caching retarded? <edited> I think that said cacher has a good point and should write an email to Groundspeak!
  6. This isn't all small town newspaper mind you... its a big city paper The good news is that said person has only listed one cache... the one in the newspaper
  7. Just to throw in my two cents... I you are hideing among rocks find some of that rock and grind it up and apply it...
  8. thats not my point... my point is that everyone knows that this persons username realates to the person... what would you suggest?
  9. Just an update. People around our community have noticed the cannon missing as well. Because of so many people asking "where did the cannon go?" Our local newspaper desided to do an article on the subject. On interviewing the maitenece people who moved the cannon our cache was brought up in conversation. The story quicky became a double purpose and now they have asked my dad if they can use his cache in the article. He said yes. How many people can say that their first cache made a major newspaper? This just gets better and better. _wolfbait_
  10. Im also wondering somthing along the same lines.... only instead of a treo 700 my question is with a treo 90.... any help here? I was thinking about trying to use a gps with my dads old treo 90. I have had no luck with finding software for that thing.... its a pre-smartphone treo
  11. Oh contraire... bying a good ammo can come in handy in many situations. I have a friend who went to a canoe-ing camp for 6 weeks and said that she fit all her valuables into it and It kept them clean and dry as they tramped through mud pits 5 feet deep. they only paid 10 bucks for that container... over priced... i think not
  12. I am determined to keep this meeing of geocachers annoymous going! Reply people
  13. You might be a noob geocacher if you are amazed by kits last post ^^^
  14. Restoration crew... ours was a pearl harbor memorial
  15. Hello my name is wolfbait Hi wolfbait I am addicted to geocaching Were all addicted to geocaching And I...*sniff*... I haven't gone caching for a week Wooo hoo Your an inspiration to us all! Quote from G.A. Geocachers annonoymous (doesn't really exist)
  16. You might be A geocacher If everywhere you look you see something that could be converted into a geocache
  17. I dunno I just think its alot of work for a simple picture
  18. Being a kid (well teen but anyway) see my siggy
  19. wood= to heavy metal box, probably mounted on a pole, Inspired by a pic in forums
  20. I think I am going to do a plan be using a wooden box with metal plating ... how about it
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