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  1. A while back I remember my dad and my mom opening up their shiny brand new treo 90 Handspring PDAs. At the time the treo 90 was one of the better PDAs of its class and included a handy built in keyboard. Soon after the release of the treo 90 the manufacturer (Handspring) was bought out by Palm. I was curious about if I could use my treo for caching.... but because palm did not continue production accssesories for the treo are few and far between.... any help?


  2. 1st find a waterproof container



    2nd find a great location



    3rd thing of a name for your cache

    Check... All quiet on the western front


    4th purchase a log book

    Not purchased... made


    5th fill your container with good trade items

    Too small for anything but the smallest of trades


    6th go out and get three sets of coordinates

    Waiting for dad to get home with the gps


    7th fill out online form to submit new cache.

    8th wait forever for cache to be reviewed

    9th cache opened, wait forever for cache to be found

    10th wait until you have to maintence, replace or hide more caches.

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